The story of a gay parent in this heavy drama episode. Along with the pain of finding out about her husband’s infidelity, Veron finds out that she has cervical cancer. Buloy, a barangay official whose wife Janina and daughter Mabel Bangs Garcia desert him. How can a child make her mother realize that she is old enough to live her life by herself? Despite her lack of confidence in herself, Mai experiences the sweetness and pain of love from her first boyfriend who cheated on her. Adoy, who despite his disapproval of his son’s sexual preference, remained the strength of his child especially during life’s hardest trials. It will inspire viewers to pursue their dreams through the life story of X Factor Israel first grand winner, Rose Osang Fostanes.

Julius devoted all his time in teaching and playing different sports to avoid having the same fate as his dad. Bila jatuhnya pun abang tak. Elha joined a couple of auditions for different talent searches but she failed to make it past the first level. But due to circumstances, the definition of love will be hidden from Susan. With the help of people who learned about her story and saw how she loves her husband so much, Lola Auring was reunited with her beloved husband. Bebeng and her husband together with their thirteen children enjoyed a happy family life until several tragedies came their way–their eldest son was diagnosed with cancer, their third daughter got pregnant early, their sixth son was epileptic, while her 12th daughter died because of pneumonia. Arrogant tells about Irham. Susana, a devoted mom whose world turns upside down when her sons Roderick and Ray-an are both diagnosed with incurable diseases.

Alyssa is a young woman who grew up living with her three old-maid grandmothers.

With her newfound confidence, Elha tobton to audition for “The Voice Kids”, a decision that changed her life forever. But more than having a name, Mojacko realized how much his mother love him and that the reason she worked in eipsode club was to give him a better life. When she gets married at the age of 17, Nene tries to concentrate on raising a family, but she later goes back to her dangerous job when she catches her husband cheating on her.


While some students in the city may gonton busy updating their Facebook accounts and asking their parents to buy them the latest gadgets, many kids in the country, especially those in the provinces, are sacrificing a lot just to be able to study.

Will revenge serve its purpose of giving justice to Jevon’s family? Will Cynthia find the courage to stand up for her children when she discovers they have become victims of domestic abuse by their own father?

But upon reaching home, he had to face his worst nightmare: This continued even during her own wake. He introduced Tirso to a girl who looks the complete opposite of Sheryl Cruz and even wanted him to marry her. How will life teach Paul ardogant value of giving time for his family and his career? Susan grew in the province, naive of the real working of the world, in love particularly. A celebration of Grandparents’ Month by sharing a heartwarming story of three loving arrpgant.

To make ends meet, Ellah has to work as a clown while studying, which tests her patience not only with kids but also with life’s struggles. The world of Fr. Despite their huge age gap and the disapproval of her family, Cecile was blinded by love and enamored by the lavish lifestyle drana Roel has given her.

Roque, a reserved type of guy who sought help from his younger brother Raul to win the heart of his childhood crush Merlinda. At an early age, Monica joined singing contests in her province.

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He even brings them to a nearby beach where they perform vocalization exercises. Along with kr pain of finding out about her husband’s infidelity, Veron finds out that she has cervical cancer. Ku Kirim Cint a. But everything changed when Edison confessed to everyone that he’s gay.

Randy who was in dire need of money for his younger brother’s hospital bills and expensive medication.


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Is a normal life possible for someone who had such a traumatic experience? With Lira as her playmate, Daniella gets exposed to street games, street food, and small carnivals, though her mom would often scold her about engaging in such activities.

Because of his sexual preference, Arnie shocked everyone when he confessed that he has loge feelings for Zyra. Will he succumb to hopelessness, or will he continue to reach for the dreams that his father envisioned for him? Discover the extraordinary love story of Marie, who has dreamt of becoming a nun since she was onlins.

But their relationship is ultimately put to the test again when May discovers that Bobit had flings with other women. With the help of people who learned about her story and saw how she loves her husband so much, Lola Auring was reunited obline her beloved husband.

In a life full of darkness, how can one find the light that will drive him to fulfill his dreams? It turned out they were heading to the same agency to work as a secretary and a sailor, respectively, which paved way for their budding romance.

Bert believes that anything is attainable through arrognt will and hard work. It tells the story of Ofelia who makes life a living hell for her daughter-in-law Becky.

At age 66, however, he found a house to stay in the family of Yolly. How will their love for each other further deepen their relationship with the Lord? Pinky keeps mum about the situation because she wants to finish her studies with the help of her foster family.

At first, Justin is confident that Rio feels the same way for him.