And so, I’ve come up with the most boring, sleep-enducing activity I can find. Okay, forgot the lens cap! Her storyline with Tyler was of course adorable, and I feel like she had a really fun story in the season overall. This are some characters that I want to see in dramarama in my interpretation of how the would look like. I think I mentioned this but my latest headcanon is that Blaineley is running a private daycare near the city centre in the TDR universe. Or is it Eenie Miney Meenie Moe? We’re in Muskoka, people!

Eva begins to interview a local, but of course begins to loose her temper on account of not being able to understand him. After Owen won the first challenge, he got to pick out which trailer the men would get. Embarrassing footage is shown of Harold and the question of he and LeShawna is brought up again. She then asked Eva about the riot The Drama Brothers caused. It is so hard to make a character that is supposed to be perfect still be enjoyable to watch i. She is then tied up and sent off to compete along with the remaining contestants. Time to drop the laundry

I mostly enjoyed Leshawna on the Aftermath this season, which is not super great, considering I try to base these rankings mainly on the actual game episodes, and not the Aftermaths.

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She is then tied up and sent off to compete along with the remaining contestants. Even Zeke gets more play, and he always gets eliminated first! I can’t ride in that! How cool is that?! At the end of the episode when the volcano is erupting, she is seen wheeling down the volcano and running over Alejandro right behind the other contestants.


Sierra crushes both Codys in a hug. With Skye being the pivot point, I knew the inertia caused by the mass of the dueling stick would— [beat, realizing no one will understand what she’s saying] she swung too hard and fell down.

Grid View List View. On the tightrope contest, she is initially embarrassed by farting, wanting it blocked from the final cut. But because he was turned into a zekebie and was not given the whole story arc I really wanted him to get, I had to put him lower on this ranking. That’s the nicest thing Jo has ever said to me. And light a fire as long as I’ve got matches. Who am I, Tyler?! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So Bridgette has really gone downhill since season one.

Continue reading at your own risk. Has Courtney found her perfect match? OK brain, now’s your turn. Oh yeah, you’re going down! So its time for my Total Drama World Tour contestant rankings! During the eating part of the challenge, she secretly got decent food from Chef, as opposed to what the other contestants had to eat, due to their secret alliance.

At this point, Chris is ticked off, and pushes her and Courtney off the plane. Well, everyone except Duncan.


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DJ looks up Hey, you wanna go for hot dogs with my blakneley Noah? Revenge of the Telethon. It’s a win-win situation. Aw, forget this kicks a lamp, it crashes offscreen.

Welcome to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, home to many of the very first Olympians, who as my intern has informed me, competed naked.

Blaineley is partnered with Owen during the challenge, declaring him the most popular of all the contestants. If he can’t do it Can you parents my phone and worry them not to tell Or is it Eenie Miney Meenie Moe? Alejandro is sly in a way that makes you love to hate him, easily making him one of the more iconic characters ever produced from this show.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! What is wrong with- gets smacked You’re crazy. She then asked Eva about the riot The Drama Brothers caused. A man of many talents and a king who fell too early.

If she doesn’t, she gets eaten by a bear. I called his aunt once, I pretend I was a telemarketer! Chef made some fake ones, right? This entry was posted in Blaineley.

That includes goat-face over there!