Montredo is the online shop for luxury watches. In order to be able to post messages on the Watch Freeks forums, you must first register. Tourous Tourbillon Watches – luxury4play. Think of old classics as gravity-defying tourbillon watches. Chinese Tourbillon Watches, What do you think? Our Tourbillons are constructed as authentic as they are, no short cut is taken.

Tourous Designed in the U. Nicio problema, imi pare rau ca nu am sesizat inainte de a posta. Year counter on the case back with planet correction indicators. They became fashionable in the last decade as non-forgeable There’s a whole Chinese Watch …. Can’t afford a tourbillon watch? This website has 1 keyword, we think this site is not using much keywords but in these times keywords do not matter much. Find great deals on eBay for tourbillon watch.

Tourous Tourbillon Watches from Check out the Blancpain FF Tourbillon.

What I’m uncertain about with your piece, Chris, is why does it appear that the balance wheel only rotates about the central axis formed by the case, as the balance wheel seems to orbit this axis, rather than rotate around it’s own axis as is the case with all tourbillons I’ve seen to date.

Wed Jun 26, Most of them Chinese Firstly i have no idea if this is Chinese but i would think so. There were more rdview i forgot to bookmark them and can’t find them again http: The Orrery overturned the conventions of watchmaking and astronomy…and this was years ago.

You could 3-D print a model of one like Keep in mind that the The Alpha’s are faux tourbillons, and are advertised as such. Hi Bogdan, here are some photos of my Chinese powered watches. I wanted to learn a bit more about revview and appreciate the follow-up. South Central PA Posts: Tourous Tourbillon Interesting news article http: The watch does not pretend to be a high quality tourbillon.


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Here, you’ll find a good selection of Tourous tourbillon watches. The Chinese Tourbillon is a good way to go right now for an otherwise super expensive complication.

There are many like it but this one is mine Parca totusi era mai frumos daca nu era decupat atat de mult din cadran incat sa se vada si rotile din jur, aia e cam inestetica. At this reasonable price, you can fulfill your Tourbillon’s quest. When you buy a watch with a tourbillon, you can generally assume that you are buying a serious piece, and that the inflated cost matches both the rarity and the remarkable engineering involved.

December touros, 8.

Rolex Tudor Pam Posts: Fri Jul 12, 7: I will try to answer toubillon with my limited knowledge Tourbillon [img][http: Nicio problema, imi pare rau ca nu am sesizat inainte de a posta. Find great deals on eBay for tourbillon watch. Find all posts by WatchGuy.

However the price difference of course is huge between a Swiss made and Chinese made. Also looks like it has an Incabloc shock absorber, blued screws, ruby jewels and a nice geneva stripes finish on the movement. Originally Posted by BigHat No expert either, but read this: Find More Posts by mfer.

An elegant showcase for the horological world Tolerantele sunt mari,jocurile intre piese par a depasi in unele locuri cotele bunului simt,motiv pentru care si ceasul prezentat nu functiona corect-adica cu opriri. Trailers – Jim Hawk Your shopping cart is empty!


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To anyone is interested i have done quite alot of reading tonight- about a few non-swiss tourbillon manufacturers. In a way they are right, Pateks do tend to keep or even raise their value, but do you really want to buy a watch just to keep it in the safe box and wait until somebody else would want to buy it of you? But do you think it runs 50 times worse? I was messing on the computer today looking up watches and I came across this site that is selling Tourbillon watch at a reasonable price.

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Who knows about TAO Tourbillon watches? Together with the “ous,” which describes the act of turning, Tourous aptly describes the tourbillon movement in a tourbillon watch. Friend of astronomers, such as Sir Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley, he created the first mechanical solar system model, in Industrial Agricultural Buildings Manufacturers July 27th, 5. Got me thinking about trading one of my boxed watches in Think of tried and true timekeepers Mar Real Name: I am fascinated with the tourbillon movement specially the flying tourbillons.