T, just sailing is his motto. Now the world of vloggers has exploded and many young couples are doing it as a lifestyle and making some money. With my flame proof jacket on, is it because life is so easy on a trawler that there is nothing to vlog about? Like also their “old” RV-vlogs, very entertaining. She is a terrific writer and teacher. All 3 have very different styles. Mid to high 20’s across the deck and a big ebb made for a quick but lumpy ride. For some the journey to cruising is quick and easy for others like us it is a long slog.

I really like this blog: We are headed through Chicago, down the Illinois, to the Mississippi, then to the Ohio, Tennessee, and finally the Tombigbee which will put us in Mobile Alabama. We have plans, for a 45′ ish sailing cat in the next 7 or so years. The ones who do beg are a bit of a turn off for me. Alex is on CF as well, but not sure how active. They’re just island hopping so far, that doesn’t take much experience.

A few nuggets of how to do it on the cheap. Interesting take, and thanks for the feedback. I was surprised how much I enjoyed them. Another great story teller who gets the viewer involved in the non-typical onlien of travel. The younger generation just knows so much more about audio visual mediums and electronics than we do. It changes the experience. Although now they bought a Catamaran.

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That would really help. Look at any single girl’s fb page – you never see their exs there.

We started in San Francisco as well and have been posting our journey. As time passed one evolved into a continual request for donations. Kinda like watching a train wreck.


Fair winds and let me know if you are heading to the Philippines Thanks for the kind words! The Ying and Yang between Sailing Voyeurism and Sailing Exhibitionalism have always had varieties of commercial applications, from books to films As for the rest of us living aboard watching these videos are difficult trainwrreck the internet is either expensive trainnwreck we have to watch it in bars which I never object to.

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Cyan Thank you for the feedback. I guess a little jealousy by some people is unavoidable fenvideos hard not to be, especially if you have been some what unsuccessful in fulfilling your own cruising dreams.

Sailing la vagabonde Ditto Great positive intro into your lifestyle and attitude. Some of these YouTube vloggers aren’t trying to build an audience while others definitely are – it’s their primary source of income. Now the world of vloggers has exploded and many young couples are doing it as a lifestyle and making some money.

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He even thinks that electric propulsion is the way to go on this heavy cat. I still really enjoy listening to Brian on Delos. You can see the playlist here: We have 50 episodes of our complete boat refit, which started off as two minute updates and turned into fully-produced episodes, from the boat being stripped to her launch earlier this year: Seems so one dimensional. Very good perspective on cruising on a budget and certainly worth watching if you like the minimalist approach.

The cheapest, by far, is RED. Trapped in an Epic Tale Puss in Book: The lake we boat on is really clean compared to most, but I still fill a garbage bag every morning on my first cup of coffee walk. They, just like all of them have to keep it fresh, and that will be the challenge. The interactions of the two hosts, and their charming personalities and apparent affection for each other are nice to see too.


I am not judging bloggers. I also like that he has opinions and principles and he’s not afraid to let them be known. Hey you can see me in Rick moore’s new video he just put up today. Gone with the Wynns is pretty nice, you can see how newbees become circumnavigators.

I know next to nothing about production, but can certainly appreciate good production and nice shots. Sailboatstory is currently my favorite at the moment. Later on, he gets a chance to meet Durant and expresses his desire to play just like him.

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Also nice camera work! Good for them I say and power to them. Great blog, I will have to take a look at some of the articles. It’s manufactured, and you are no longer purely in the moment. About the only one I still watch not that I watch genviideos these days. I find it entertaining. Watching these videos keep us going until then.

I’ll check out your blog. We’ve been saving and prepping our lives ever since and are over the moon to be underway. Author of Alone Together, story of his first solo sail to Hawaii, it was a good read for a 12 hour flight back to the US from Greece. Not just sailing thouh