Transformers Armada Episode 2 Online. Made with in San Francisco. He then explains that he increased his power by leaching energy from the war between the Autobots and Decepticons that had lasted for so long. Hotshot and the other Transformers attack Unicron once more. He catches the moment to get the Mini-Con. He can’t flee in safety because the warp gate turns out to be closed.

By himself, Demolishor grumpily cleans up the Decepticon’s base after Starscream’s rampage. Optimus Prime explains to Hot Shot, who is exasperated with Starscream’s apathy, that the Autobots should take this opportunity to try and understand what makes Autobots and Decepticons different, and learn how to work together; after all, an inability to make such a rapport is why the two factions have been fighting for so long. Wielding both it and the Star Saber, Starscream rushes to meet with Thrust, letting the chamois fall back to Earth behind him. Hot Shot is displeased that he has to fuss over such a misfit, of course. He attacks Scavenger but that one beats off his attack easily, so that the ‘Bot drops the Star Saber. Starscream asks him if he wants some company and activates the warpgate, allowing the Autobots inside the base. Optimus says it might be luck or destiny that the kids found High Wire in the first place. Only Scavenger understands that it was a put-up job of Megatron himself and his Mini-con partner.

Cybertron Matrix of Leadership Spark List of planets. He and the other Autobots are disguised as the Earth cars.


Primes and Matrix holders Female Transformers. Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. He is extremely happy to have a Mini-Con partner at last transfkrmers names him Swindle. Meanwhile, Starscream is at a loss to explain to himself why he rpisode just kill Thrust and be done with the whole sorry affair.

Then the rest of the Mini-cons show up, Sparkplug, Jolt, and Longarm, all in their natural forms, attracting the attention everyone there, particularly that of Fred and Billy.

Megatron becomes Trasformers and kills Nemesis Prime with the help of Optimus Prime; albeit it’s then revealed that Nemesis Prime xrmada another hologram of Sideways all along. This car overtakes them and rams Hot Shot. But Thrust lures him in an ambush. Hot Shot is in despair and curses his own credulity, but it is too late. He turns out to be a real snob and quickly he and Hot Shot get off to a bad start.

A 7 Nov 03 Puppet Then, the Mini-cons came in. Episode list using the default LineColor.

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A 3 Oct 03 Threaten Fred and Rad rush in only to get warped themselves, along with a few of the ‘Bots. With the panel safe in Autobot hands, the Decepticons retreat. Views Read Edit View history. Hoist finds a weak point on Unicron’s neck and so an attack is made. Megatron succeeds in catching Hot Shot, but Red Alert saves Hot Shot’s life by a power ring which he ejects from his chest.

Thrust had summoned him to help Megatron and his army to defeat the Autobots. The rest of the Autobots notice that both of them are missing when they are interrupted by Red Alert, who says that Smokescreen’s spark was saved, but his body wasn’t.


Well, their vacation turned out to be anything that but restful!

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Cyclonus takes the new Mini-con, and the ‘Cons warp out. The conceited “jet” considers himself the mightiest Decepticon in the Universe now. He wants to take the Mini-Con himself for he has no Mini-Con partner yet.

He fires on the Autobots, and they are in a tight corner. A 29 Nov 02 Swoop This is Thrust himself. Middle school students Rad, Carlos and Alexis are shocked to discover the existence of large robots in their hometown.

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But so do the Decepticons, too. Now Starscream decides e;isode demonstrate his new extraordinary power to everybody. There is a picture of a Mini-con on the wall. Optimus appears on the sky battlefield just in the moment when Starscream prepares to strike a mortal blow to Jetfire. Alexis finds out one is already in the Base, while the other is on the Moon and a third right in between the duelling factions.

Soon the Autobots return and the battle resumes.