Finally I have been screaming this. Peace of mind to you and yours. Oh, you were there, were you? A hoodie, low pants does not a thug make. You also know then as part of a neighborhood watch that you should be unarmed and when you are told to back off and let the police handle it you do just that. Trayvon was being followed and watched, that is NOT a crime, it is a reality. They will add anything just to get a not guilty verdict.

God has created all of us made all of us different look at our sizes weight height color how we talk hair we all are just different. Not for us to judge, agree or disagree with, but from his own experiences, he shines light on an issue swept briefly under the rug simply because it is Goerge Zimmerman is a liar who has superhero syndrome, and racism is alive and well but because you have never been a victim of racism you choose to ignore it. Then and only then would you see the truth. Did anyone even think to ask why Martin was shot in the heart? So you think GZ should have just let TM kick the shit out of him? Get some black friends. Does this make the act any more palatable?

There is no known cure, so best I can movle for is to minimize the symptoms. Di Maio also testified that severe head trauma can be inflicted without matching visuals and that the opposite can also be true Did Zimmerman make errors in judgment?

If neighborhood watch is going to move from watching then we need to pay, provide gun safety training, security training, badges, and uniforms to ensure everyones safety. The adults had gone out. Imagine the difference you could make if rather than bashing this mans efforts and calling him a White Boy which is a racial slam you could connect and use your positive energy to ensure that NO ONE stops trying to improve.

I wish I could find that librarian and tell her what a difference she made in my life. That being said, I am not claiming that I am absolutely not racist.


He was trying to get out of a bad situation and it worked! If Trayvon was white, would Zimmerman had even noticed him? Lies……Regardless of who threw the first punch, a series of aggressive decisions by George Zimmerman led toward the fight that broke out. You are in a mental prison and you alone hold the key to your freedom. There is racism in every culture. So you think GZ should have just let TM kick the shit out of him?

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Yes Zimmerman made mistakes, so did Trayvon. May God continue to bless you moving forward. But Chris is correct. Goerge Zimmerman is a liar who has superhero syndrome, and racism is alive and well but because you have never been a victim of racism you choose to ignore it.

magtin Its truly from a place that most of us would never have thought about. If you dont believe the conditions, look at obamas televised national statement.

Well, that happened. (Zimmerman trial)

If Zimmerman had no intention of killing Martin, he could have easily shot him in a leg or arm, subduing him, if in fact his story had any credibility. If not, you should also be afraid of that psycho Zimmeman. I am not a fortune teller But because Trayvon was black suddenly it is a hate crime.

I will never forget the frustration I felt after that conversation some years ago. We could be cousins.

I am not claiming Trayvon Martin was perfect… but Zimmerman had no reason to follow and shoot that man. Even while typing this, my mind is rebelling against the absurdity of such a question.

What a courageous man to speak honestly on such a difficult topic. I actually listened to testimony. Everyone has racist thoughts from time to time. What exactly was he doing? Obviously Trayvon was afraid and rightly so.

My mother never told me those words directly but I listened as she tue her siblings talked about different things that were occurring at work….

I have a young son who I would imagine would come in contact with law enforcement one time or another in his life and especially when he is a teen driver….


I read where people have said that Trayvon was at his intended destination and then left and went looking for George. Trayvon was an unfamiliar presence. Having the gun in his possession should thr had him convicted of a felony firearms charge.

No one showed drag marks on his jacket. I am a gun owner, I will shot if I have to if someone mratin threatening me physically, but I would like to think that I would be clear headed enough to go for a knee shot or something non-fatal.

Appears that pros underestimated how sharp this guy is. In this case, it was a White Hispanic male that was most dangerous of all.

That punk of a man, rather shoot a gun against someone unarmed rather than duke it out. Here is another for you if he was on neighborhood watch then therefore he should have not been armed with a fire arm correct that is the guideline of the neighborhood watch so what does that say about him now if neighborhood watch prohibits fire arms while on neighborhood watch, so Mark tye you are suggesting that he was on that watch why would he have a fire arm with him during that time which violates the guidelines of the neighborhood watch.

Both are learned behavior. All he had was a broken nose and scratch on the back of his head which she said couldvr been the result of his head hitting the pavement 1 Time! With that being said, it still puzzles me that you, Zimmerman, and others, keep saying Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman.

Trayvon spent a good deal of time there too. Hey man if you want to learn a language speak to someone who is fluent in that language and you will learn how to communicate like they do.