So I could end up looking like Lilly Savage? Now recently I have invested a lot of money in electric cars. Now, you mention a good salary and a company vehicle. Is that my scarf? But you don’t have to do it. It was the second episode of the Christmas trilogy and the fourteenth Christmas special, first screened on 27 December I am not going on Tomorrow’s World dressed like this.

You know when a lot of rich and successful people when they have this thing done they leave a lot of their tadpoles in this bank. Just going out in the morning and hoping for the best is not good enough. I never thought of that. I’ll put you on hold whilst I connect you to our marketing department. It sort of burnt me right across the forehead here. I bet if you put your hands out, in front of you I can make you turn them over without touching you.

She’s probably got another frash meeting. I’m gonna have a vasectomy! You see this girl here. See, the bloke who sold it to me said it was a hair-dryer, it turns out to be an electric paint-stripper.

She said, ‘Del Boy, never stop believing. Millions of men all over the world have had the snip. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Hallo, this is the Marketing Manager, yes! So what will happen is, that you will be in the marketplace, you’ll be selling.

You know it makes sense, eh? Just going out in the morning and hoping for the best is not good enough. PC Singh said he had been a practising Sikh all his life. Boycie’s right about one thing, Del. Give it a name, a title.

Man in Hospital Beverly Hills There’s the financial side as well. Now, you mention a good salary and a company vehicle. Cassandra, we’re talking about Derek Trotter!

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And it means I done me bit for charity. We’ve got Damien and he’s like two kids rolled into one, ain’t he?

David Jason said “everything about the narrative pointed to these being the last ever episodes of Only Fools. Then you met someone else and you wanted to raise another family?

It don’t matter as long as it’s healthy. Modern Men 27 Dec 8. But you’ve got to consider trotrers future. You could tell the calibre of our school too, by the head boy.

Go on, tell her. Well, I’ve got a bit of good news and a bit of bad news for Del – I’m applying for another job. It’s not just that. Come on, giss it here. Even after you was born. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Patients are leaving me.


Oh, there you are Rodders, I didn’t hear you arrive. Home Explore the BBC.

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All I know is I am not stepping out of that front door dressed like this! Yeah, of course he was. The future holds the key to all our success. What with Cassandra being in the situation that she is, I thought that any time now you might have to dash off so I thought that you could do with a little bit of help. Well, that should take him about half hour. Just I got a touch of cramp. I’ve had a visit from the brewery. crasn

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