If they fall for it, revenge will be in the offing, more than ever. Did her mother pierce her ears before abandoning her at the orphanage? If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. The news of their death has been greatly exaggerated. Vero starts to write a letter to Jorge to tell him what has happened. Raymunda, who has come to offer her help but apparently is another one who doesn’t believe in knocking on doors, walks in on their argument. Enraged, Camelia shoots Emilio seven times, even though she bears his child.

It is there where she meets Pedro, an apparently wealthy man, who makes her forget all of her problems. She needs to save those up for when the real crapola hits the fan. And if all he gets after is frijoles y arroz, so much the better. He has built a lovely home with his aristocrat wife, Estela, and their children. Emotions will turn to anger and hatred and a story of passion and revenge will unfold. Lo Imperdonable Unforgivable Episode 87 April 18, Emi quickly explains that is not the case, that he practically did it to infuriate Veronica, but he has no intention of getting married now.

The eponymous Nanciyaga does her best to enlighten another misguided soul. Blanca and Ana Perla offer to help Vero take a shower. That you won’t be as rude as you were this morning? Just shaking my head in disbelief.

His objective will be dealing a vicious payback on Yolanda Acosta, Gerardo Duarte and all those who dared to defy him in the past. When telenovsla for their new home, Chivis accidentally meets Manuel Gallardo — their new neighbor, a widower, father of four children and leader of the fishing market.



To do so, he must overcome all sorts of obstacles, in a whirlwind of action, emotions, unbridled passions, luxuries, intrigue, and betrayal. You want to talk bitter? Aurelio Casillas is where he longed to be: It’s not episodee, Botel.

Lo Imperdonable Unforgivable Episode 95 May 2, When Martin shows up to take unfprgivable to dinner, Matti pretends to be tired, so the lovebirds can have the night for themselves. Silencing things doesn’t make them less true.

Telenovela Series

She wants to have something to offer her aunt and uncle. So far he has not confessed anything only using more tact during interrogation. Your energy and zest for life really come through in that picture. Kumkum Bhagya — Thursday Ginny explains to Emi that she is talking to Dr. All I’m going to say is this — perhaps Old Goat was right about reading novels being a bad influence. Can they give in to this budding love they are feeling?

Pierre is making a mistake, he says — there aren’t too many women like Claudia around. A group of armed men killed Vicente.

Laura, a beautiful young woman with a strong personality, returns to the farm where her family works. She refuses, demands a proof that their daughter is alive.

This might be a good time for Prado Castelo to review its policies on sexual harrassment. Nanciyaga vanishes as suddenly as she appeared. She is sooooo good at being naughty! He called to ask about her health. Then he goes away, leaving behind a photo of little Veronica, trlenovela “help” her make a decision and a red carnation which, by the way, is the symbol of unrorgivable in my home country, so… creepy.

Vicenta will join his business in order to avenge the death of her mother.


Caray, Caray!: Lo Imperdonable #55 Mon 8/3/15 You won’t have Crazy Marty to kick around anymore!

Veronica watches the stars —. Road to Destiny — Tuesday November 22, As he drapes the shawl around Vero’s shoulders, Marty is very close to her, within kissing distance. And two years later, his thirst for revenge continues. Botel, who, thank god, has put a robe on, tells Magdalena unrorgivable exhuming her daughter’s body would help close the circle for her.

To Find Grace Episode 27 February 24, When Park Soo-ha was only nine years old, he witnessed the death of his telemovela.


The unforgjvable part is just speculation, Vivi. Martin pulls back gradually since he still has doubts about that issue so Veronica tells him that, if that is so then there is no point in giving him a second chance to be together again.

She begs her not to make Marty suffer.

Ana Perla is troubled by the problems Marty and Vero are having. Passion and Power — Thursday November 17, Ana Perla prays that he is OK, even 5 that means that she will never see him again.

Santiago is the complete opposite of the rest and soon Amanda realizes that unforgivablw plan is now in jeopardy. Passion and Power — Monday January 9, He wants to warn her that Marty and Vero are determined to talk to Jorge.