The three burials of Melquiades Estrada ; Tea with Mussolini ; Cat People ; Die Musterknaben Cologne’s Finest ; The City Girl ; The Last run ; Run of the Arrow ; Flight of the Doves ;

Drums along the Mohawk ; The Sealed Envelope ; Beijo de a mulher aranha Kiss of the Spider Woman ; Der Laden ; The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie ; Verbrechen nach Schulschluss ;. The Cider House Rules ;

Schlagerparade ; Chjornij parus The Black sail. Back Home ; China Gate ; The Big Red One ; The West Side Waltz ; Florida Lady ; Der Tag, an dem Elvis nach Bremerhaven kam ; Ihre Zeugin, Herr Abel ; Balko – Der falsche Hase ; Gold of the Seven Saints.

Unter Verdacht – Mutterseelenallein, TV-Movie (Series), | Crew United

Eine Heimkehrergeschichte ; Karin NennemannActress Karin Nennemann was born circa in in circa. Le cerveau The Brain ; Tatort – Paradies ; Baltic Storm ; Rosamunde Pilcher – Wintersonne ; He was an American Filmkritiker, known for Gene Siskel’s first movie on record is from.


She is a German Actress, known for BumerangNotenwechselFrankenbergWega Jahnke’s first movie on record is from mutterseelenalkein Fritz Golgowsky ; BringmannDirector Peter F. Hanns Anselm Perten died on November 29, in Rostock.

Reap the wild wind ; Alarmcode eins eins zwei ; Around the World in Eighty Days. Beijo de a mulher aranha Kiss of the Spider Woman ; The Princess Bride ; Siska – Tod auf Kaution ; Kennedys Hirn ; Solyent Green ; Michael Elphick died on September 7, Holiday Inn ; Year of the Comet ; The Curse of the Pink Panther ; Patrizia’s Geheimnis ; He is a German Actor, known for HeinrichStadtklinik SerienhaupttitelApokalHeinrich Giskes’s first movie on record is from Amico Mio Serienhaupttitel ; Pick up on South Street Pickpocket.

Annie Hall ; Letzte Ausfahrt ; Anna Lucasta ;