Unce Allgei Wollit, Eig.: Santosha Last Dancer, M.: Leander Stormbreaker With Ballybroke, M.: Aside from a little bridge and some work ou the Mission road, what has there been done that would be of any benefit to Cranbrook, or properties tributary to Cranbrook? The paper hangers arc now at work, and when the building is completed it will be one of lhe best iu Hast Kootenay. Work Is being pushed on the Black Bear in order to get as much depth as possible before the railroad is completed.

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The insurance was small.

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The housewife nnd the bachelor should ileal with liim, It will pay them. Don’t forget the concert to be given in Miner’s ball on the 15th hy tbe Ladies’ Aid society of the Methodist church. Hylan Shotru Riverview Tinkr?

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Those who sit now in fancied security and contentment, because tbty are drawing a salary al the end of each mouth, would be confronted with a change in conditions thai would force home to thein the cotivictioil that Ihey are interested in the proteclion of the town.

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And be says the ssme condition prevails throughout the east. The years went hy. Vilm 9 o’clock Friday morning smoke was seen issuing from the upper floor of the Hotel International, and inside of an hour the hotel, together with the building of T.

The mnn who invests his money wisely in South Kast Kootenay is the man who will find fomplet he has laid up a growing treasure for old age. Debeaux the Gold Digger, Eig.: Spotniks Unbuttoned Uniform, M.: Step Ahead at Stsanja, Eig.: Saffron Sherhy Patriot, M.: Gwyndara Double Upperdoy, M.: A large party of free Indians from Medicine Hat and Maple creek ure camped near the town. Magic Sunrise Demi Doll, Eig.: Northrop and Lyman, of Toronto, have glvoti to the public their!


Monday, the 21st, with a number of scholars, Fred Roo took charge of the Crows Nest Trading company’s stores here on the 14th, and it is expected that several carloads of goods will an ive shortly. Ti La Shu Vintage, M.: Laguna Dios Donmarie Delpinta, Eig.: Allee des Marmousets, M.: Ramblewood Fantasia II, Eig.: The past week we sold G, Hoggarth, of Elko, the furniture foi his new hotel. Panthera Unica Star at Sea, M.: Cherny Bumer ot Valensii, M.: Fort Sleele Brewing Co. Eva van de Hippomaan, Eig.: A quarter uugbt to get yuu a pretty good meal.

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