Uttaran TV serial on Colors is a story of a girl child who is from very poor family. His father accepting his hard earned money was so touching. He has learnt how to control his anger which is a great win and miss his family which is a great win in itself. Tune in to witness how Friendships, Aspirations and Quirkiness take over the lives of these young individuals. Agree with you totally. Each episode explores simple slice of life tales that encourage the young and restless to overcome their fears and take a chance with love! This new season will feature stories that revolve around this very recklessness of the youth, which stems from their passion while in love.

Now he has realized the importance of his family-when Rohit asked him to lower his eyes episode of 12 Feb and he does -one could see how much he has grown! Big Switch – season 3 Life without daddy ka paisa. Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Season 4. Sushant as a cleaner in a barber shop. Expressing their thoughts on television, these whacky, funny, crazy youngsters will video blog their way into your television screens. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The show will narrate fun, crazy, intense and exhilarating love stories of a few young lovers, who will cross the boundaries, put everything at stake, and go to unimaginable levels to win their love in the most unconventional manner possible.

Yes Sandeepa they are realizing that they are privileged. It is one of the best reality shows which is making a difference in life of the contestants and teaching audience at the same time!


Party starts well but turns violent with Neha, Swapna and Farzan throwing Anjusha and Twinkle in the pool. We take our parents for granted while they try to do the best for us! The rich participants were paired with a slum buddy. We have no way to find whether they are authentic or not, they seem so their surnames, their photos, So please please use it at your own responsibility. Gaurav Chopra gave them a task in the first episode of Big Switch 4.

Checkout Faizan facebook page. With this show, bindass brings in storytelling which inspires youngsters to stand up for what they believe in. If you find facebook or other pages of Big Switch 3 contestants please let us know! Nupur you said it right. It is a great learning experience for binass viewers also -how we take those people in parlous, spa, mall, resturant for granted.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The show was awesome. This new season will feature stories that revolve around this very recklessness of the youth, which stems from ufv passion while in love. Seventh episode of Big Switch 3 at DailyMotion. Big Switch across its successful three seasons took the affluent Indian youth out of their comfort zone and tested their mettle by putting them in tough, challenging and unfamiliar situations.

Big Switch 3:Life without Daddy Ka Paisa

Up Close and Personal with PZ. It is not much old serial. Wish I could help you. The show revolves around the lives of The Khan Sisters and goes onto showcase various gindass of their fascinating lives, their equations with each other, their families, friends and foes along with REAL LIFE conflict, secrets, emotion and drama.


First episode at Youtube. The audience will be entertained and enticed with its content, though on reel, binxass is complete reality- 7 boys and 7 girls battle it out on D4.

Even I am hooked on to show.

Only Son, pampered and knows it. Hi my name is karishma i was a big fan bbig big switch 3 my favourite contestant was Faizan would you have his number dying to speak to him.

He has shown a great improvement in Big Switch 3.

Big Switch Season 3: Life without Daddy Ka Paisa

Sahil quits in between. Thanks for sharing your happiness. The show is awesome — it teaches not only the contestants but also the audience. Everything about them screams: There are some great pictures of his! Some of the teens had latest mobiles, gadgets like PlayStation and were loaded with shopping bindasd. Stars In Your City.