After Ted fails to impress Ki on a rhythmic game, she shows him one of her games. Ki initially ignores Wendell when he welcomes her back, and makes a game where you walk endlessly until you let go of the controls, and your character dies. The two are unable to intercept the evidence of Shane’s plan, and The Law finds out ShotBot was using him before being tied up by Shane’s goons. Jimmy Wong Theodore Wong. Mary initially decides to bench Jenny and Brian, but lets them, and The Law, play. Jenny has a chance to stop Napalm with a single sniper shot, but chokes under the pressure, allowing Napalm to win the match. When Brian is not able to disarm a bomb in practice, Mary wants to bench him in the next game, however Jenny convinces her to postpone her decision. Views Read Edit View history.

He tells Calhoun that he will keep a low profile, but then attends the freshman FPS class taught by Ace, and assistant Jenny. Jenny is told that she is going to play for the Panthers in Paris, but she tells Brian that she’s making dinner for them to tell him the news, but the other FPS team members think Jenny wants to have sex with Brian. Seeing this happen, he proposes that Ted be the next Drift King after he graduates. This show captures the essence of fun! Cause if you want to see real talent, its all in this Show! According to Ted, Freddie had no idea how to ride a motorbike. But above all the graphics are outstanding!

Event occurs at 5: They find him at a laundromat arcade playing Axe Legend seeason to hear Freddie’s voice again. Law finds out that he’s been fired from Napalm and replaced by a new Law, who breaks some guied his fingers. Liza Koshy Brandon Rogers He engineers the Law cheating scandal in order to bankrupt the Law’s sponsor, Jock Juice, which is a direct competitor to Napalm. With the school saved, the students celebrate. His friends, and even Calhoun, apologize for always thinking about themselves.


Huide Studios describes the series as “a show about best friends, first loves, and landing that perfect head shot”. A Star Is Born 4. This causes Brian and Ted to get into another fight, further straining their relationship.

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Ki gets caught up in a mystery noir when Brian’s cat Cheetoh goes missing. That amount was quickly pledged in less than 24 hours and continued to climb from there. July 26, [23]. Ted feels that Brian is seasln always there for him, and that they are not best friends anymore. Share this Rating Title: The team comes from behind and wins the first game, and Jenny and Brian agree to remain friends.

Freddie Wong as a fictionalized version of gvhs. Each episode was first released on the Rocket Jump website, and a week later the same episode was re-released on the YouTube channel “freddiew.

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Ashley Barnstormer 9 episodes, Riley Rose Critchlow Over the next five years, the Barnstormer brothers build up Napalm. I know this is not serious or even scientific!

The fighting is brutal, with many players on both sides getting killed early. Will Agents of S. Ted gets locked into a car racing game where he meets a glitching race. Retrieved August 18, Ted finally realizes that he no longer enjoys the Drifters’ childish antics, and after beating the Drift King in a race, leaves the Vghz for good.

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He tells Calhoun that he will keep a low profile, but then attends the freshman FPS class taught by Ace, and assistant Jenny. His cat hates him. This finally rallies the other students to join.


Over the course of the season Jenny and Brian begin secretly dating, Jenny copes with having her mother back in her life, Brian tries to connect with his mother, Ted tries to fit in with the drifters, Ki finds her place at VGHS, and The Law picks himself up after losing so much. Ted moves out of Brian’s room, possibly ending their friendship.

Ted steals soda from the faculty lounge for the drifting team, there the Duchess of Kart kisses him and steals the key. Retrieved October 14, Retrieved March seson, Vghz October 29, Brian says that he loves Jenny, a sentiment that Jenny does not immediately respond with. Retrieved November 13, This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist vgns rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

The students are all forced out of the dorms, and Calhoun leaves the school in shame.

With four days left until the demolition of VGHS, the school atmosphere is bleak. Lists of web series episodes. This script is fine. Retrieved November 18, Trivia The film is shot at california state university vggs. A third season was hinted at during the fundraising for season 2. He asks Calhoun for advice, and Calhoun bluntly tells him to talk to Jenny directly.