Brian apologizes to the team, and Mary returns him to practice. Relieved that Brian doesn’t hate her, Jenny agrees to get back with him. Ki finally breaks down and admits to her parents that she cheated in the school election, and that she was afraid they would hate her for it, but her parents insist that they will love her no matter what. Who is pumped for Season 3?! After spending the night in the game he learns he must have fun and lose in order to be let out. With no team, Brian and Jenny attempt to forfeit when Calhoun returns to the school and joins their team, revealing he never graduated from VGHS and is still technically a student. Jenny is asked to speak about her mother before she receives the “Parent of the Year” award, but cannot think of any nice moments with her, and she and Brian end up spending the night together when he comes over to help. Unfortunately, recruitment is unsuccessful, as nobody outside the FPS team has the will to go up against Napalm.

The Law 12 episodes, When Brian and Jenny are alone they reveal to each other they both liked DXM , a dancing game, when they were younger, and Jenny mentions that her mother is a coach of a professional FPS team. Ted finally realizes that he no longer enjoys the Drifters’ childish antics, and after beating the Drift King in a race, leaves the Drifters for good. Brian D 21 episodes, If you don’t go into this movie with your mind set on zero you might enjoy it less. Ted then finally breaks down, accepting Freddie’s death and the fact that his father was “an asshole”.

The fighting is brutal, with many players on both sides getting killed early. Brian apologizes to the team, and Mary returns him to practice. After Ted fails to impress Ki on a rhythmic game, she shows him one of her games.


VGHS Season 3 Finale Review | ♥ Cupcakes and Bubblegum ♥

Brian and Ted then arrive, having temporarily called off their feud to convince her to return to school. Ki barely wins the election, but as they celebrate, the MMO Club arrives and demands the return of the Tomowatchi, and Ted is forced to admit its death.

They meet the Drift King who bullies Ted into a drifting game, Ted goes into a hypnotized state after playing. With the school saved, the students celebrate. Ted Wong 20 episodes, He covers up its death and lies to the MMO Club to get their votes.

After being stopped by bullies, and chasing the cat around the house, he returns to his computer in time to kill world-famous FPS player The Law. Ted shows up, hoping Brian will come back for FPS tryouts.

Who is pumped for Season 3?! Edit Did You Know? Ki gets caught up in a mystery noir when Brian’s cat Cheetoh goes missing.

Visit Sseason Video to explore more titles. Back at the school, Ki finds that the social gamers, grateful for her standing up for them, have decided to join her campaign.

Unfortunately, recruitment is unsuccessful, as nobody outside the FPS seasson has the will to go up against Napalm. Brian eventually comes to consider the FPS team better friends than Ted before they are picked up by the police. It’s like the shot heard around the world. His cat hates him.

Ki switches IDs, and signs Ted up for drift racing. Meanwhile, Jenny has become a social pariah due to her choking vghz the semifinals. Delayed Reaction Video Brian, angry about Jenny not telling him the truth, breaks up with her.


However, in the middle of the game, they receive news that Ted father, Freddie Wong, had died in a motorcycle accident.

The Barnstormers agree, but stipulate that match will be a 64 player game, so the VGHS team must find 32 players if they want to compete. Ted is furious, and he ends their relationship.

Video Game High School

He loves playing video games. Retrieved September 1, Law finds out that he’s been fired from Napalm and replaced by a new Law, who breaks some of his fingers. After the residence goes into chaos finding out that Ki is breaking a rule, she tosses the cat out of residence, causing Ki and Shane to chase the cat all over campus. Eeason page was last edited on 21 Marchat The Show TV Series One day during a public match the number one gamer the “Law” arrives to do a little bit of showing off.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Scripts were completed in mid January[34] the fundraiser campaign ran from January 23 to February 24, this time on Indiegogo[35] and filming began in March VGHS is celebrating L33tmas, a combination of all vgh.

Moriarty 12 episodes,