January 1, at 1: Here are some of my thoughts: February 5, at 9: Why didnt the doctor die when he was bitten but didnt turn into a vampire.. January 1, at 7: I have my idea that someone unknown is Bad Blood. HAHAA, the film industry has always found a way to confuse us with the idea of getting out of the fire. About sham After several broken hearts in my hope to be in a relationship I discovered my like for sex and meeting new people.

I should make a timeline to really see how all the events play out in relation to each other. December 20, at There was a scene where it was stated that they had never worked together before the accident. I think who dr. December 28, at 6: How could I say that?

La is making up story?

Then, to make sure their experiment, they took another experiment. As you probably noticed, when Tae Yeon sees him, he gives us a surprised look as if he knew him. But I need your help! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: July 17, at It never said that vampire pdosecutor are poisonous during the series.

I just finished VP2.

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That would be interesting! I havent watched season one yet, but can the vampires only turn one person into a vampire? Looks like OCN will give us new character? Email required Address never made public.


He seems to have injected himself with something, or something must have went wrong when MTY bit him. La to escape, when he first saw BB at the bunker? VP 3 please,not let me down with the story…. There are a lot of blanks that can be speculated over and a lot of characters with loose ends that were never addressed.

The doctor wanted to use the blood to cure his son of his disease. There are alot of questions to be ask from this season [as i have think] 1st. I feel like Luna would have sensed her since she was in there building a lot. I can see where he was trying to help people and it went horribly, horribly wrong.

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Not sure about any of that. Lastly i wanna know does Jung In turn into a vampire because when that same vampire bite Park Hoon he turned into a vampire and he is lik a virus spreading around and infecting cells so i wonder or does it work for him when he bites his first victum that he turns into a vampire.

She was bitten but not drained because the evil vamp wanted MTY to drain her. I felt like it was not very confirmed well enough, but if she really did die then… man….


I think I may be misunderstanding. Good theory, i guess you are right about the bitchy chief not being able to be bad blood…good analysis!

Vampire Prosecutor

December 20, at 6: About sham After several broken hearts in my hope to be in a relationship I discovered my like for sex and meeting new people. July 12, at 6: Of course alreadyright?

Notify me of new comments via email. OCN i’m begging you! If this was a true statement, is the person he cares about Yeon Jin? I want to adopt him. Don’t leave us hanging T.

There are a couple ways I can see things going in Season 3. The other vampire that has also been under the green sheets who started coming to life?

Season Finale of VP2! December 1, at 9: Is it possible for him to have been the person who put the new lady Chief prosecutor in charge? January 1, at 8: December 3, prsecutor September 27, at 6: Would be something if that old guy is the same guy. I think who dr. La as Bad Blood??