The findings also point to another set of suspects, namely Dong Villadolid and his brother Bing. Father Ruben Corpuz Precy Detera Alfaro’s testimony was corroborated by other witnesses including: Carmela’s Classmate Rigor Natividad The court said that “among the accused, Webb presented the strongest alibi”. Carmela Vizconde Joko Diaz

Webb wanted Alfaro, the then girlfriend of one of the accused men, Peter Estrada, to join them because Estrellita Vizconde only allowed her daughter to go out and entertain female visitors. Other prosecution witnesses were: The findings also point to another set of suspects, namely Dong Villadolid and his brother Bing. San Juan, Metro Manila as Hon. The 3 sets of suspects are: Glen’s Gang Ruel Vernal

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Alfaro testified that as Webb followed Carmela into the dining room, she decided to step outside for a smoke. Views Read Edit View history.

The court maintained that for a person to be convicted there should not be “a reasonable, lingering doubt as to his guilt. BF Homes Filomena Torado White was mistaken in saying that Gatchalian and company went in and out of the gated community many times, since they only entered once.

Joey Filart and Artemio Ventura. Edit The Untold Story: Youngblood”where the U. Other prosecution witnesses were: The court also said that if Webb was in the U.

Carmela Vizconde Joko Diaz Webb’s travel documents and other paper trail of his stay in the US are unreliable proof of his absence in the Philippines at the time of the commission of the crime charged.


Another accused, Joey Filart also fled to the United States.

Among the defense witnesses was Artemio Sacaguing, a former, now deceased NBI official who testified that Alfaro was an NBI asset who only volunteered to assume the role of the eyewitness when she could not produce the actual witness to the Vizconnde killings.

He adds, this Court takes judicial notice of reported irregularities and tampering of passports in the years prior to the recent issuance by the Department of Foreign Affairs DFA of machine-readable passports.

Three days after that, he was allegedly approached by Mrs. The Last Journey of Ninoy. Alfaro’s testimony coincides with the angle that was being explored by Supt.

Antonio Eduardo Nachura Mariano del Castillo.

Lauro’s Father Almira Muhlach Lolita Birrer, a former live-in partner of policeman Gerardo Biong, who narrated the manner of how Biong investigated and tried to cover up the crime. McDonald’s Sucat Cecile Potenciano Lauro Vizconde Elizabeth Oropesa Carmela’s Classmate Mark Valderamma The case remained unsolved for almost four years, until eyewitness Jessica Alfaro, a self-confessed former drug addict, came forward on April 28, to shed light on the killing of the Vizcondes.

On January 18,the Supreme Court denied Lauro Vizconde’s motion massqcre reverse the acquittal because of double jeopardy.

San Juan, Metro Manila as Massadre. The Inter-Agency Task Force assigned to reinvestigate Vizconde massacre case massacde 6 teams or 3 parallel teams to look into 3 sets of suspects linked to the murders. By Alfaro’s account, after a drug session with the group, Hubert Webb allegedly had hatched his plan to rape Carmela Vizconde. Carmela’s Classmate Archie Sarmiento Glen’s Gang Jethro Ramirez In her decision, Tolentino described the testimony of defense witnesses as full of inconsistencies and biased.


Given the financial resources and political influence of his family, it was not unlikely that Webb could have traveled back to the Philippines before June 29—30, and then departed for the US again, and returning to the Philippines in October Carmela’s Classmate Dave Valderamma Carmela’s Classmate Allan Arce Pitong, an electrician who sincealready knew the Webb family claimed he saw a laundry woman wash a bloodied T-shirt on massacrr morning of the crime.

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Retrieved February 13, The Villadolid brothers were mentioned by a certain Rhoda Pujanes alias Dang, who claimed she overheard Villadolid and his friends, including Miguel Rodriguez and Michael Gatchalian both co-accused of Webbtalking about the massacre during a pot session in She said the same MRT provided data that several Webbs arrived in the country, including Hubert, sometime in October Carmela’s Classmate Nap Villasis Father Ruben Corpuz Precy Detera Uncle Joe Lad Santos President Benigno Aquino III ordered the law enforcement agencies to re-investigate the case six months before the prescription period lapses.

The lower courts, however, vizcohde that “Webb’s alibi cannot stand against Alfaro’s positive identification of him. City of Mandaluyong as Hon.

Carmela’s Classmate Kristina Caparas