There’s quite a few Kirk, wishes to teach an alien spider “the ways of kissing”. Duncan at first; he is the first to achieve flight and knows most Tekkit stuff. From late through early , the bulk of the Minecraft series was composed of a semi-improvised comedy drama, where Lewis and Simon “play” the parts of a Xephos, a heroic “Spaceman”, and Honeydew, a mighty dwarf, respectively. The zomborg approached the trio, and charged his weapon, “Don’t move, you won’t make it anyway. Looking back at the tank, “That RPG isn’t going to make dent in that thing it’s heavily armored! Most recent Most popular Most recent.

Today we invented the zombie detector in Gmod TTT! I’m not old enough. Here is where he died. This is mostly a mystery but we can assume that it has something to do with the apiaries behind their residence. Lewis blasted a rocket the corner guiding it with the laser. Simon building a bridge of TNT blocks thanks to a previous explosion causing lava to flow in in the Curse of Sunny Springs map. I’m not letting Yoglabs end up like a crater.

They completely miss the base, and wind up blowing up the nearby ocean, because they entered the wrong co-ordinate value. I think I mixed metaphors a bit.

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Too Dumb to Live: Then there was the Carnivale de Banjo, a carnival owned by an eccentric man. After Simon gives him back the fake deed, he pretends to switch things in his inventory and gives Simon back the deed he just gave Sjin and while Simon was checking the deed left via a link book while Team Jaffa was distracted. Kill It with Fire: Ironically, one of the biggest cases of this trope wasn’t their fault; in the Pharoah’s Curse map, a creeper blew up and activated an anti-cheating countermeasure Wiping out the entire map in a fifteen second chain reaction.

Sips and Simon get arrested for shoplifting from Skykea, only to escape their cells and shoot their way out of the prison, ultimately stealing a flying police car.


The series as a whole. To make matters worse rpisode isn’t your run of the mill everyday North Korean nuke. The series follows the progress of the three working as Honeydew Inc. First, he becomes The Load because of The Taint. How Simon and Lewis decide over the dog during their 1. They built a bridge across when they weren’t supposed to and tried building a trap for them. JavaScript is required to view this site. Three Front War Part 3.

Suddenly a group of chains with iron balls on it flew by her.

si;s Sometimes it can just change direction and you’re left with egg on your Which was actually their supply of spawned in cheat items.

The secondary moonbase gets hit by a meteor and ends up needing repairs. Trott shapeshifts into a squid while up on the island and out of the water. Then was the Skyhold, home to the Skylords and new location of the Carnivale.

farmer sjin

Markus pulled his car into a parking garage. The blazes began shooting fire balls at the three. Letting the Air Out of the Band: Submit a new link. Simon heard his name be called and turned around still in the hatch and place his hand on his forehead trying to get distance and saw Sips group.

This is then subverted twice, but in two different ways. He turned Dave into a abd after he I decided to watch Voltz from Sjin’s perspective but there are only 15 episodes; the main channel has Show all 36 episodes. Markus followed them leading to a door. Voltz Special – Episode 12 – The Bomb Sips and Sjin decide to test out some explosive material to help the mining process, which has disastrous consequences for everyone!

I think they just episoed want foltz do it any longer Lewis and Sjin do have a few, though nowhere near as much as Sjin and Sips do.

Voltz Special – Episode 12 – The Bomb

Duncan, not willing to risk itstarts building a bridge between the blocks Well if I could get some more reviews, maybe I will give you some Spyro erotica or maybe not He let his guard down and took out a Bert-erang and threw it around the corner where it landed and blew up causing smoke to blind the firing griefers. I’d not like JesseCox’s vids if he put his face in his playthroughs. Bullets zoomed through the corridor.


Set in the yogcraft server. Okay, I’m going to need to suspend epidode disbelief, and accept this as something you have been just been working on.

Other videos in the series include custom map play throughs, series showcasing Minecraft mods such as YogLabs, and Minecraft update coverage. Show all 40 episodes. Lewis started shooting the gold hovering demons with his revolver, but it wasn’t killing them that fast. From late through earlythe bulk of the Minecraft series was composed of a semi-improvised comedy drama, where Lewis and Simon “play” the parts of a Xephos, a heroic “Spaceman”, and Honeydew, a mighty dwarf, respectively.

A Rock and a Hard Place Will’s apparent past in blood magic. Everyone but sjin is a farmer.

Even more so, Episode Lampshaded by Dips in The Curse of Sunny Springs, after skipping past two sacrifices and not knowing the other two map co-ordinates to progress. Cull your toungue young Templar! They eventually plant a Tree of Transformation to slow its sip down and purify part of the affected area, which works but is only a stopgap measure. They have often chased an enemy, found several more enemies or just one they didn’t expect and quickly backed off.

The second he picks up the sword, his HP rapidly drains and he dies, with the cause of death listed as “punished for using a relic that isn’t theirs”.