Some say the lightning did that – but I was there the night Sam got drunk and thought it would be funny to convince the town it was a miracle. By the way, detective Vic Moretti is a great counterpoint to the slightly old fashioned friendship between Walt and the Bear, adding some sexual tension and a LOT of foul language. Jun 29, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: But we will have to read the next Walt Longmire book to find out how this story ends As Walt boards the train, with twenty-four veteran Sheriffs, he could never have imagined how the events that unfolded would haunt him all these years, or how they would collide with the present in an incredible twist of fate. The story is well anchored in social issues and the human interest angle a rape case involving some wild youngsters and an underage Indian girl , making the administration of justice a personal issue for Walt Longmire.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. View all 19 comments. Would it be any number of the people who hate the rapists and wanted them to suffer instead of getting off almost scot-free? Anyone can join and invite others to join. While Longmire goes out of his way to catch the killer we meet his world and absolutely gorgeous characters that the writer does serve in this very first outing. The Longmire series is much about what it’s like to be a Wyoming Sheriff and Johnson is quick to point out the man needs to be big. Yet, he does have good reasons for taking this job. Janeen Jones marked it as to-read Apr 29,

I found the plot intriguing and the ending second-to-none. An older, grizzled white man sheriff is nothing new.

Depth of Winter (Walt Longmire, #14) by Craig Johnson

Read Craig Johnson’s blogs and other content on t…. What a great gritty, nasty adventure story filled with lots and lots of action.


Unfortunately, we get almost no time with Henry and Vic, and wherever they’re serise in this book they could easily be replaced by cardboard cutouts without any loss of characterization.

I cant wait to continue with this series. Henry or Henry Miller or Henry James? However, this was my introduction to the feisty Wyoming Sheriff. He’s written one great mystery after another in this series.

Johnson tosses in a goofy sidetrack by having Walt impersonate former Dallas Cowboy football legend, Bob Lilly, to give him cover. Absaroka County is a tiny little place in Wyoming where very little out of the ordinary happens. Violators will be removed and blocked from the group. I, for one, really missed the cast I’ve come to know and love, but the new dynamic did have its moments.

Messenger by Craig Johnson. Quotes from The Western Star. Libby Troon operates Liberty Bail Bonds.

Depth of Winter

Parker gooodreads off with his classic detective, Spenser. The layout of the set-piece adventure portion is utterly confusing without a map or diagram, and the rank stupidity of the antagonists Not just disappointing; bad.

I simply cannot get enough of this guy. The perfect gift for “Longmire” fans: An e-book b… More. Too often I read book reviews where the reviewers seem to place verisimilitude above fiction. There are actually two stories one from the past that eventually coincides with the presentbut the reader is jostled a little by the back and forth momentum, IMO.

Johnson has written twelve novels featuring Sheriff Walt Longmire: I would like to state for the record at this point that, as a whole, I did like this book. Finishing this book brings to a close my reading and reviewing of the Longmire series — 13 novels, 2 novellas, and 1 book of short stories.

Ok – but goodreadz more than that. Also, and I really am sad about this, it feels like Craig Johnson has lost touch with the core ethos of younger Walt, Henry and Lucian. This meeting takes place on The Western Star, a passenger train.


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This is also a man who has lost so much to that code and with the building regrets of a life lived in pursuit of a justice that may not exist. At the Jesus tree, make another left, and then a sharp right onto Hooker Creek Road, so named because the family that used to own the land would hook fish out of the creek using repurposed wire hangers, not because there are hookers in the creek.

Johnson tells the two stories in a smooth flowing style and rhythm, drawing the reader in and grabbing their full attention. In the present, that time and arrest has come back to haunt him and although we get our answers to this book we are left with a cliffhanger And at the end, we are left with a huge problem that was somewhat neglected and we will have to wait to read the next book to continue the series.

Trivia About Depth of Winter It is one hell of a story. Of course every woman he encounters wants his “input”. Unusual, as of late. It’s possible that Pritchard’s death was the result of a hunting accident, but it soon appears that it was actually an act of deliberate homicide.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She’s a handful, but Walt hopes with some seasoning she will someday succeed him as Sheriff.