Switch to Thief Wario and jump from the box to the high ledge so you can continue onward. Jump onto the falling platform to the right, then shoot the switch above and to the left. Upon being attacked, they blow up, damaging Wario. Galley Cats are waiter-themed felines. Use Arty Wario to place a box in the corner, then crawl through a hidden passage in the wall. Ads keep the MarioWiki independent and free: Switch to Thief Wario and jump back up the thin ledges.

If they see you, they will blow a whistle, which will call other guards to come in and attack you. Hop on them in the same order as the directions listed above, and a ladder will unravel above. Back in the previous room, use Arty Wario and draw a box above the switch on the upper ledge; this will open the gate to the right. Jump into the water and hop onto the lower right ledge. Anyway, continue into the next room to the left. Continue going upward, hopping up a series of small ledges on the left side. Then, go across and enter the east room.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

In there, jump to the second ledge and use Arty Wario to place a box to the right of the two blue fire blocks. By staying up high, you can get Ka-Bloom’s fight over and done with a fair bit quicker. When he rotates the switches that Cosmic Wario can hit, change into Genius Wario to be able to tell which turns into the shootable snowball then shoot it as quickly as possible. His machine will try to punch you if you get close, as well as perform a dashing punch duck to avoid.

There, simply go downward into the following room. There, use Dragon Wario to melt the ice to the left blocking the giant ice ball from moving. In there, make your way to the top area by using Dragon Wario and Genius Wario to make platforms appear. To the left, you can use Genius Wario to reveal a set of directions hidden on the wall right, left, right, right, left. After three hits, the dolphin will jump over the middle platform.

All of the mushrooms are timed, so you need to be quick to activate the next one in the sequence or else you’ll have to start over. After being burnt, it will flee up high. Climb the ladder and crawl through the passage to the right, and enter that door. Defeat the spiky flower and jump to the second platform, then use Cosmic Wario to shoot the switch overhead. When you reach the upper-left area again, crawl under the wall to reach the purple chest containing the Red Key.


With this new disguise, you will be able to find secrets in certain rooms. Become Thief Wario again and climb the ladder, then unlock the door with your first key. If you’re not responsible, report it.

Make your way downward through the next room while avoiding more falling lava balls. They randomly replace a red treasure chest in each one of the episodes in which they appear. Now that you have the Captain disguise, go through the door below. Avoid the streams of lava balls as you make your way to the top. This will allow you to activate yellow switches in the next several rooms up to eight times before you have to come back and recharge how many charges you have left epiisode be designated by a 8-square box in the background in the right side of this room and in other rooms.

Use Cosmic Wario to reflect lasers against the walls to hit the switches, clearing the vines above them. Hop up the small ledges and go left, then jump into the room above.

The hints will come in the form of icons corresponding to a episodw disguise. When you emerge, go through the door to reach the next area. After that, go through the hidden path in disguisw right wall to reach the next elisode.

Save on the ledge if you want, then get to the very top of the room. Sir Lance-A-Lots are lance-wielding robots that charge at Wario with their weapon. Inside, save with walkthrougb Wario hat and open the red chest on the ledge to obtain the “Midterm Clothespins”.

After a while, it will fly high in the air and an onscreen prompt will tell you to chase it.

Succeed at doing this and the Sphinx will point you towards a cave. Throughout their adventures, Wario and Cannoli also run into master thief Carpacciowho is also in search of the Wishstone fragments.


Use Captain Wario and swim into the lower-right room. There, head right to find disguize gate blocking your path.

Wario can escape their grasp if the player taps on them with the stylus. So basically, if you encounter it during one run through a stage, come back to the same spot later and you may be able to open the chest it replaced to find a treasure!

Follow the slope downward, but jump over the middle gap for now. On the ledge with the big door, use Arty Wario to stack two boxes to form steps leading to the right. Cosmic Wario’s jump is the slowest out of all disguises.

Back in the previous room, drop to the ledge below and crawl through a hidden hole in the left wall to reach a new area. Then, drop to the lower segment and go into the left room. From there, shoot down the chandelier to the right, then jump from it to the high ledge.

Wario Master of Disguise [Part 4] Breaking Into The Museum! [HD]

Wario is quick to inform Cannoli that he will never be getting his wand back, as Wario is having far too much fun waving it about in the air. Now, exit this room and jump onto the first moving platform.

The final disguise of the game is Wicked Wario, who is activated upon drawing a wing from Wario’s back. Jump onto the metal ledges and use Dragon Wario to light two torches.

Wagio, there will be four small holes moving around the center area, periodically shooting three projectiles in each direction. The dolphin will swim around below, periodically jumping out on alternate sides to shoot at you. Keep away when they move. Once Wario dubs himself the Purple Wind, and Cannoli disappears, you will finally have control.