In lieu of a giant meatball, a pastrami sandwich is placed on top of the Late Show Christmas Tree; Kreskin guesses if Tom Arnold via telephone will correctly spell “Hanukkah. Tony Mendez does the Watusi; Biff announces that if Burt Lancaster were alive today, he would’ve had cream of mushroom soup and a tuna fish sandwich for lunch; stuntmen Ross and Elisa Hartzell shoot crossbow arrows at each other. With the possibility of a rare hurricane hitting New York City, Paul checks for “talk show closings” and Dave comes on stage in a poncho and galoshes. Paul and a local high schooler try their best to learn how to parallel park, while Robin Williams promotes “Bicentennial Man. Paul goes to desperate measures in order to get a raise, while Mujibur and Sirajul go on a wild goose chase for one of Dave’s blue cards. Women’s World Cup champion soccer team, though Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain do most of the talking; “Rita Buttgas” is introduced as the first Secret Word three-time winner; Dave asks Paul if they can trade the horn section for the soccer team. During an interview with Isabella Rosselini, a guy on fire runs around the stage.

Paul performs a song promoting Tom Selleck’s appearance next week, while Dave and Merrill Markoe pretend to flirt. The latest roll call suggests that The Guy on Fire has officially sold out when he runs across the stage in flames, of course holding a sign for Highland Metals, Inc. George Clarke addresses the comments made about his weight problem, and Dave flashes back to when he woke up from surgery resembling Don King. Jimmy Smits, a guest the night before, is seen in his hotel room naked, doing push-ups and watching TV in bed. Dave gives them away to a woman in the audience. Dave brings out his top intern Duane, who might be a Chippendale dancer on the side. Bowling great Dick Weber sits in with the band; Calvert kicks someone in the nether regions for the shear fun of it; Dave and Paul trade faces. Dave is so fascinated by him that the segment runs for almost fifteen minutes, and later Al presents 1 on the Top Ten list.

George Clarke dances in a diaper; Dave shows a “highlight” from last night’s Emmy win: Shortly afterwards, Dorothy calls and insults Dave. The outside e;isode returns to the Friends ad that Matthew Perry wrecked last night, and Dave explains why he shouldn’t be sued; Rob Burnett draws another doodle of Dave’s lawyers; the Top Ten list is interrupted by the office manager in Wahoo, Nebraska voice of Charles Grodin.


Austin & Ally Season 2 Episode 1 – Costumes & Courage (Full Episode) – video dailymotion

Seasob the Hippie gives his first live remote from San Francisco, as Dave asks him to give periodic reviews on current movies. Also, the Turkish guy has been promoted to stagehand. Dave shows an altered clip of President Clinton admitting his dislike for cloning, and later Dave is once again visited by “the lovely Is-a-bella Ros-sell-ini.

Paul appears on the Late Show for the first time since Dave’s surgery, sitting on a movie set with Bruce Willis and his old friend Martin Short. After Dave offers a million dollars claiming that there’s no such person named Sivareddy Gotike, whose letter was read on the CBS Mailbag the week before, Sivareddy appears on the show to collect. Sam Merrick declares them tick-free. Champion weightlifter Magnus Vermagnusson lifts various objects, including Mujibur and Sirajul; Dave comments on his upcoming 50th birthday; Zhushi “The World’s Only Performing Dog” is the latest animal to stand on stage in lieu of attempting some sort wztch stunt.

Remote on the 14th Floor: Live out on the street, we see the traffic “congestion” created by New York hosting the Goodwill Games; Dave changes his tie midway through the show; James Caan shaves his mustache. Tom Snyder wants everybody to know that he does not hold a grudge with Dave. After Dave accidentally puts Biff in a daze, he calls up Sylver to figure out what to do with his entranced stage manager.

Tonight’s “Paul Shaffer Millennium Prediction”: Bruce Willis is live via satellite in Idaho from the set of his upcoming film “Breakfast of Champions. In honor of the recent Sotheby’s Auction that featured items once owned by John F. Paul decides to have plastic surgery, then wakes up from the procedure with a conehead; Dave shows a clip of Pakistan’s 1 sitcom, “Seinjibur”; Hugh Grant promotes Nine Peisode.

The first two miss their mark; the third makes it but destroys andd tub. Also, while cooking with Martha Stewart, Dave attempts to juggle eggs. In a remarkably lengthy edition of “Campaign ,” Dave decides not to perform a piece comparing Bush and Gore, and then rants about his cable service. Later, Meatloaf promotes “Crazy in Alabama.

Austin & Ally Season 2 Episode 1 – Costumes & Courage (Full Episode)

He walks into a mysterious closet backstage, falls into a black hole, then walks out in a nonchalant fashion. In the latest “Kid Scientists” segment, Lee Marek and his prodigies demonstrate the concept of heat. Dave is finally found dflishows planes on the runway at JFK Airport, so Biff calls him via a courtesy phone and tells him to return.


Regis comes out for his interview with the disgusting Turkish guy, and later Dave tells him he’s scheduled for an angiogram tomorrow morning. Dave tells a lengthy Halloween candy story, then incorporates his voice into the talking dog from those “Taco Bell” commercials. Dave gives bogus election results; the outside cam goes to Joe G’s for another round of “Please Stop Calling Me Debbie”; Dave chats with Ellie Lammer, a year-old who examined parking meters for episodw school project.

In an experimental comedy bit epiode “Letters to the Editor,” Dave reads a bogus note from Al Gore telling The New Yorker that he loves their cartoons. Drew flashing Dave on his 48th birthday; Drew and Dave getting married one month after said clip; ten beautiful women present the Top Ten see Show ; Ray Romano singing “Silent Night” as his kids beat each seasson up. It’s time for another call to Dave’s mom to play “Guess the Pies”; tonight, she’s baked coconut butterscotch pecan pie and cherry pie as well as a sculpted head of Dave made of stuffing.

Late Show with David Letterman – Episode Data

Later, Dave checks his temperature Dave takes five minutes to comment on the sudden death of Gene Siskel, then shows a clip from his last appearance on the show; Alan interrupts to show everybody his gritty new ad; Dave claims that if you want to hear 1 of the “Top Ten Mike Tyson Complaints About TV,” you have to go to his web site.

Also, Heather Graham plugs “Boogie Nights.

A cannon called the Alludium Pumpkin Modulator, along with its operator Max Teasdale, wait to launch a giant pumpkin into orbit on 53rd Street. The Late Show starts its week broadcasting from London. Austim all is said and done, Dave announces the tax company’s new slogan: