Regardless of the course of events, if needed, you can get involved into more fierce exchanges of fire, because you do not need to sneak anymore. Head towards the marker your way should be clear and profile the box. Get inside the gate and take cover by the door to the security room. Once there, hop out of the car. Move right one point, unlock it, then turn it three times and move to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once. Move to the bottom left, unlock it, then turn it once, then move back up to the first point and turn it three times. Is Wide-Open for Open Worlds? Watch the meeting participated by Charlotte Gardner and Damien Brenks.

You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Ways to unlock and general premises Description of a regular crime. This mission can not be done entirely using cameras, which is a shame, but alas. City Activities minigames and challenges. The basics Objects and activities that help avoid detection. Keep going to the left of the complex to find a dirt bike. As for the third guard, mentioned above, you can easily leave him alone, or attack him at the moment at which he appears close to the cover, behind which you are.

Use the mini map to see when guard around the corner is walking away from the guard closest to you. Main missions – Act II. Introduction and map Quickly find the box in a corner and hack it.

Turn the upper left point once, then unlock the point in the middle. Go out of the room and to the north blmue. Move right one point, unlock it, then turn it three times and move to the timed spot in the middle and turn it once. Activate the hack box too. Eavesdrop on the conversation, then get out of Blume.


eogs After you start this mission, take the main road to Blume offices. The enclosed area needs to be approached by the guard with camera. Is the Epic Store Epically Wrong? From the main entrance, move right until you get to the barred opening in the wall. Don’t be too hasty to leave.

You can hide behind the low walls and attack the enemies by surprise. Access the camera and move it up to access the laptop camera in the security room.

If you do not want to lose your time on distracting the guards, you can attack the opponent with infiotrate from behind he is patrolling the Northern part of the facilityuse hacking, or the Lure to distract the remaining two enemies, after which you walk into the enclosed area personally.

The Future Is In Blume.

Looks like someone we know is paying Blume a visit. Aiden will have to follow the data trails to two access panels. This should distract both of them, allowing Aiden to sneak up behind both of them and take them down. I recommend that you enter the Blume facility by taking the South-Western gate, described above. Take cover so nobody will see you, you should be pretty much straight back from the main gates, looking at the console.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape – VG

Profile the ctOS box Objective: Note – quite unusually, the game will start the next stage of the campaign mode which is connected with saving T-Bone so, go towards the green marker now.


Once the door is unlocked, go through and take cover.

Throw a Lure off and away from the area, then set it off. In spite of that, it is a good idea to open this gate, because you may find it useful, towards the end of the mission.

Watch Dogs Walkthrough: The Future is in Blume – boxes, spyware, escape

Was this guide helpful? He’ll walk down a hallway, so hack a camera in the conference room he passes by to get in on what’s going on. Angle the camera up to access the hacking point and install the spyware. For the second hotspot, start with point on the far left turning it three times. The second ctOS box is in the enclosed area shown in the above screenshot, which is located in the North-Eastern corner of the facility.

Head to the steps, but before emerging rotate the furthermost away solar panel. Top 7 Most Gorgeous Guys of Gaming. After starting the mission, drive up the road until you get to the building’s parking lot.

The trick with smartphone will not be that effective here, because the device on the ground would, in the first place, be approached by the guard without camera. When the guard moves access his camera and wait for him to go through the door. Wait for one of the guards to enter the room with the smartphone.