Young is a pretty simple guy -he speaks and acts from the heart so I bet G understood very clearly just how deeply Young is in love at this point. This is my favorite kind of love story in a drama. Every moment from epi 1 to epi 24 spent between Eun Soo and Choi Young are my favorite moments. Both dramas Bread and Faith are examples of character driven story. She presumably heals a lot of sick people of that era while waiting for another chance to go through the portal. And I really like it! I absolutely adore these two and how open they are with each other and how much of a partnership they are creating.

Yoon Kyun Sang Supporting Cast. Ki Cheol might be the tiger’s prey in the long end, though I wish he would just be hit by a stroke and be done with it. He gave a smirk as she leaned back to look at him; his hooded gaze meeting hers, passion burning behind them. Gongmin informs Young that a message from Yuan came. I think writer Song Ji Na joined during this time. History of King Gongmin and Choi Young: Reply mai March 31, at

Hi Aye, wow watched thrice in 3 days? And his struggle and pain are so raw.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Lee Philip Main Cast. We still have no idea. Welcome and happy fangirling! Watcu shots should have been longer! Kim Hee Sun Main Cast.

He wants Eun-soo to run away to Young. Your heartfelt descriptions of events and the acting of the main actors are praiseworthy.

Gongmin announces that Ki Chul will be under house arrest until the investigation is over. Reply Zainab September 25, at 3: So yes, we wait another week. Hwasooin touches the teapot to measure its warmth and concludes that the king left in a hurry. On rewatch, no, framacrazy directing fails again. This is my only outlet.


The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 19 Raw/Eng Subs Min Ho Korean Drama

Eun-soo asks Young to read it to her since she is weak in hanja. Reply Che-Cheh May 4, at 3: I swear, my heart is in pieces dramscrazy now.

His acting has depth and he effectively conveys the conflicting emotions of the character. But then carry on is such a random phrase to use in a song so I think they know what is means…sigh…happy or sad ending? Gongmin glares at him silently. She smiles brightly for him. The development of the love story between Choi Young and Eun Soo is beautifully written. Good god, a week!

Such a big fan! She bit back the knowing smile, dragging her gaze back down and up, meeting his intense one.

She bit her lip, wanting to tease him. So if I can choose, I would very much prefer an excellent written screenplay and good actors that are able to portray the characters best with wonderful screen presence and chemistry.

Do sign up the petition. Doing this for the greatness of Goryeo and King, my butt!! We all know Eun Soo is the great doctor and she really did heal and shape Choi Young into the great drammacrazy that we come to know today.

Thankfully, Shi-wool saves him and the two cramacrazy away. Faith Alternate English title: Despite their age difference, they look magical together and their love story is so touching. The withdrawal when Faith ends is going to be painful. I loved the scenes where he is nursing her and then when she is better of course she has to argue with him again.


신의 Faith (Korean Drama) – Che-Cheh

Most of the fighting scenes and the kissing scene. I wanted to have a book and dvd of faith but I dont know how. She closed her eyes slowly, another smile blooming on her lips.

Choi Young and Eun Soo, even the bad guys are shipping you!

Take in a deep breath Sort of makes you wonder with everything and everyone out to get them, do these two even have a prayer of a chance to have the option of staying together for the rest dramarcazy their remaining days.

I hope that the writers of this show see this post and make a second season! I totally understand when you said Faith is messing up your brain, your time, your sleep and life! In the fictional setting of this drama, a warrior living in the timeline of Faithh meets a plastic surgeon living in the present day.