In order to put an end to Belal’s ambitions, Gwendal offers himself to go negotiate with him on Van da Via island, hiding his true intentions to the Maou. A fantasy world calls for a fantasy adventure, and Yuri has decided that he wants to see a dragon. Yuri awakens to finds himself in the girls’ bathroom he originally disappeared from with Ken Murata in front of him with a police officer. When Yuri tries to stop him, he attacks Yuri. If they remove the box the lake and the land will die. It turns out that after the fight between Conrad and Hube that Yuri demanded that Vuillon return everything he swindled from the people. At the inn they are staying at they learn about a legend of a cursed hot spring in the mountain and they decide Morgif is probably there so they decide to go investigate it.

Conrad, dressed in his old Big Shimaron military outfit pretends to come for the throne as he has a right to it, sneaks into the castle and waits for Murata’s orders to save Yuri. Angered by their actions, he then goes berserk and unleashes a mud monster on the soldiers. Their pursuers found their hiding place and so the boy and Nicola escape through the secret tunnel, while Yuri and Gwendal allow themselves to be captured as an eloping couple. When Conrad’s left arm and Gwendal’s left eye begin to hurt they can not help but have a sense of looming disaster. Yuri is back on Earth depressed thinking about Conrad. Murata then arrives along with The Original King. Then they hear that it has something to do with a woman named Julia. They take the sword back to The Demon Kingdom and when they get back Celi looks at the sword and tries to hold it but she drops it and the stone on the swords forehead falls out.

They learn of a box in a lake and go to investigate. An uproar of dragons occurs who have been attacking a village has been asked to be exterminated. A mysterious masked man with hypnotizing powers walks into King Belar’s castle unhindered leaving us with many questions yet to be answered. Shori can now manipulate water and practices. The episode wztch with Conrad’s dream, where someone appears to him an arm.


Yuri and the others become aware that Big Shimaron is after another Box and goes after it as well. The pink cocoon is revealed to be a sign of a dragon rebellion. A possessed Wolfram offers to give Shori magical power to protect Yuri but before Shori can answer, an unexpected visitor arrives interrupting the conversation. Retrieved from ” https: As Yuri, the remaining women, and the brothers traverse the desert to escape the forces, they are trapped by the Sand Bear and prison guards.

Alazon explains the history of Seisakoku to Shori while Yuri and co. It kyl out that after the fight between Conrad and Hube that Yuri demanded that Vuillon return everything he swindled from the people.

But as he soon finds out his battle will become very complicated when someone he trusts is fighting on the opponents side.

Bob explains that it was probably because of Yuri’s mixed emotions. Sug ga MAou Da ” Japanese: Yet, if it’s not the right key, then the box will become out of control. It appears that Seraphine, Ondine’s older twin sister, was filled with rage when she was not chosen to become the next Genshin Miko and left her sister.

Will the children be saved and will Conrad be able to escape from Adalbert’s emotions? Jeneus goes on a rampage and destroys everything in his path. When an intruder alarm is sounded, Murata discovers it was not them that had been found. But who was she? Back at the castle, Yuri tries to return home, but finds out he cannot go home. Now Conrad and Wolfram head to Stoffel’s castle to rescue Yuri. Shori, being taunted for being powerless, accepts Wolfram’s offer. Yuri orders Conrad to rescue Watcg.

During the investigation, Conrad orders Wolfram and Yuri to stay put in a building. Yuri, Conrad, and Wolfram set sail on a ship to Van da Via island where the demon sword, Morgif, is rumored to be located.

He manages to calm the sword and turned everyone back to normal. Yuri along with Conrad, Murata, and Wolfram travel back to earth in order to get something Yuri left behind. Yuri, Wolfram, Jozak and Conrad must obtain a rare herb on a mountain to cure the maid but how will they succeed if they are affected by it too?


After his battle Jozak battles with Adalbert who has entered this tournament solely for a chance to fight with Yuri. They find that the gem of the dragon king, that was part of a crown, was stolen. Along the way they met up with Gwendal. Sara had also made the decision to help Alazon when Yuri apologizes for being helpless. Yuri is back on Earth depressed thinking about Conrad.

Kyo kara Maoh Episode 19 English Dubbed

Yuri helps Julia to make a decision satch she knows will hurt the one she loves most dearly. He realizes with dismay that Yuri had followed them there.

Now, she is back and believes it is her job to destroy the keys to the four forbidden boxes. But who is this masked man?

Kyo kara Maoh Episode 19 English Dubbed – Dailymotion Video

Yuri and the others go to check out the rumors about the Holy Sword and stumble upon a man possessed with demonic energy who wields the Holy Sword. Wolfram tells Yuri that he wanted to see Yuri’s future where he sees himself competing with many maidens while Yuri hands out flowers and Yuri sees Wolfram with another man.

In order to put episodf end to Belal’s ambitions, Gwendal offers himself to go negotiate with him on Van da Via island, hiding wwtch true intentions to the Maou. He tries to talk to the villagers but they attack him. Conrad sneaks away on his own and is on his way to Small Shimaron.

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As he epjsode about to take the Holy Sword, Sara snatches it from Alazon, releasing its power and causing plants to erupt around the whole castle. Conrad Weller then rides up and after a short fight Adalbert runs away.

Panic consumes the troops of both nations and Big Shimaron’s king decides to leave the children he already has in order to escape the volcano’s fury.