It is believed that early man lived on the banks of the Mahi River, there is evidence of the existence of early man in the Mahi River valley at a number of sites within 10 to 20 kilometres to the north-east of Vadodara. The captain who wins the toss is given the choice of whether to bat or bowl first, the decision usually depends on the condition of the pitch and whether it is likely to deteriorate, the weather conditions and the weather forecast. With a regular influx of immigrants from rest of India, the citizens, popularly known as ‘Mumbaikers’, have shown remarkable tolerance towards other cultures, making it a true cultural melting pot. Mumbai is also usually the first stop for Western pop and rock stars visiting India, which they usually do when they are over Mangalorians and udupi forms the highset tourist populations of Mumbai,and both the cities have almost same culture and architecture. He played an important role in the India Pakistan semi-final match at Mohali where he performed well and he was a part of Mumbai Indians till IPL6 after playing three seasons with Rajasthan Royals. He made his Twenty20 international debut in the final against Pakistan and he opened the batting for India in the match, and scored 15 runs in the process. If you order a thali translated as “plate” , you get a complete meal arranged on your plate, with a roti or chappati, rice, and many different varieties of curries and curd.

Captain cricket — The captain of a cricket team, often referred to as the skipper, is the appointed leader, having several additional roles and responsibilities over and above those of the other players. Pathan made his Test debut in December , following an injury to the Baroda left-armer Zaheer Khan. I made a nuisance of myself. However, being India’s largest city and main commercial centre, Mumbai is now also home to migrants from other parts of India who do not speak Marathi. Borivali national park also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park [57]. While Roaming in Mumbai the best app you should have in your mobile is m-Indicator.

Retrieved from ” https: It is very difficult to find good budget hotels in Mumbai. This is particularly useful if the captain is forced to aatch the field of play during fielding, some teams also allocate the vice-captain a more or less formal role in assisting with team selection, discipline, field-setting and so on 6. Irfan Khan Pathan pronunciation ; born 27 October is an Indian cricketer who plays all formats of the game.


The Konkan Railway [50] which is a separately administered and newly built line travels through the picturesque Konkan coast of Maharastra and is a good way to travel from Goa ,[Mangalore]] and Kerala.

Take no offense if you are pushed and shoved about, as passengers jostle for a spot. If you are interested in buying handicrafts, brass items, crystals or jewelry, then, you should head unuted Colaba market or can visit Silver Centrre by Sangeeta Boochra inside cottons at kemps corner for authentic indian jewellery.

Mulund W and Mulund E. If you are a tourist, you can buy a ‘Tourist Ticket’.

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Francis CotesThe Young Cricketer, While the site continued to more and more users and operated on a very low cost base, its income was not enough to support a peak staff of in nine countries. Watch out for upcoming cricket stadium to join the cricket frenzy crowd.

This is a guide article. In the event of an accident the law does not deals with drink-drive offenders with severity. Mumbai has a justified reputation as a concrete jungle, but there are some nice pockets of greenery within the city. The rail and road network has been undergoing a steady improvement over the 90s, but because of the magnitude of the task, the roads seem to be perennially under construction.

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People from different religion and places visit this places. There is a free shuttle bus connecting them but be prepared for long delays through security. Auto garbage for unknown garbage rasiya.

It is believed that early man lived on the banks of the Mahi River, there is evidence of the existence of early man in the Mahi River valley at a number of sites within 10 to 20 kilometres to the north-east of Vadodara. By Indian standards, Mumbai is a young city and much of the land comprising the city did not exist until it watfh claimed from the sea over three centuries ago. There are few restaurants which could well be heritage sites 2102 they unitted more than 50 years old and still retain thier old world charm and furniture.


When the team bats, the captain decides the batting order, in professional cricket the captain usually changes the established batting order only for exceptional reasons, because batsmen tend to specialise in batting at certain positions. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Mumbai has a few beaches, including one in uniged downtown area. Once the British left, the zeal to wipe away the traces of colonial rule was, unfortunately, not matched by the enthusiasm to build a new city that matched the grandeur of the British-era buildings. They built a settlement, forts, and churches, including the strange looking Portuguese Church that stands to this day.

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E To increase our financial resources in order to meet the growing needs of the community by getting prospective donors at individual and corporate levels. While a bowlers action does not affect their bowling speed, it can limit the style of balls that they can bowl, although this is not a hard and fast rule, side-on bowlers generally bowl outswingers, and chest-on bowlers generally bowl inswingers. Before starting the journey, ensure that the luggage is securely fastened to the carrier.

In the 80s, high labor costs and unrest forced the closure of many textile mills and the city went into a decline from which it started recovering only in the late 90s. The shopping experience in the city is a study in contrasts. June to September is the monsoon season when the city is lashed by heavy rains. Haggling is much louder and ruder in India than elsewhere. This biographical article related to an Indian cricket person born in the s is a stub.

The company is still in charge of electricity distribution for South and Central Mumbai.