And what really makes limbo, limbo, is that it will invariably give you an entirely new understanding of time. What the Speck tape did was it enlightened the public of what was going behind not only Illinois Department of Corrections but corrections throughout the country. Carrying on the proud tradition of Illinois penal design, the NRC has become the hot new model for other states seeking to modernize their correctional systems. He is our father. Not only are the conditions much more stark than in the other cell houses. In March Governor Pat Quinn signed into law legislation ending the death penalty in the state of Illinois. Immediately, a team of officers and investigator spring into action.

Just because somebody looked at him hard or something like that. When it opened it was the largest prison in the country, and the design became a model for American prisons of its time. Supreme Court abolished capital punishment. Its history is bloody. And sometimes that can be very difficult. Illinois Department of Corrections. F-House was the only remaining “roundhouse” still in use in the United States in the s. Father, we just thank you, Lord.

Father, we just thank you, Lord.

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Why did I do this? Crest Hill city, IL. The Stateville industries program produces office furniture, including desks, bookcases and tables. The Stateville Correctional Center was one of three sites in which executions were carried out by electrocution in Illinois.

Located in the nearby city of Joliet, the former Joliet Prison is much older and smaller. That is why they call Stateville, “Hotel Hell.


It can bother you. Chamber closed Metropolitan Transition Center. Americans not only want to feel that their communities are safe, they really don’t want to have to trouble themselves with thinking about the consequences of locking waatch millions of people, or the abuses, in all forms, that might be taking place under a system of prohibition funded by fear, apathy and taxes.

Any inmate who fails a standardized test must attend 90 days worth of classes.

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You know, we have got to number everything. I wanted to be recognized. Carrillo spent 20 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Stateville is a place to come and lock up.

Construction began here in and the prison opened in Most will not see the outside ever again or not for a very long time.

Inside the Illinois Prison Known as “Hotel Hell”

If they are lucky to reemerge, they are forever altered by the reality of a conviction record. Previously used New Jersey State Prison. The musical program was a great award-winning thing because, in fact, we would have competition against other penitentiaries.

More than likely, this accounts for the slightly better living conditions in the human prisons, and the fact that prisoners have not yet ended up as food. Officer Kush was one of eight Stateville employees to lose his life to prison violence since the prison opened in With such a high concentration of violent criminals in the prison population, it was only natural that the violence would continue within the walls of Stateville.


This service, it has been a blessing to them and it edified them. F-House was the only remaining “roundhouse” still in use in the United States in the s.

Inmates battled guards on a daily basis. Many inmates find themselves with no one. Now, how do you get strong in the lord unless you insode in the book?

Both are meant to house the largest possible number of living creatures in the smallest possible space, using the least imside amount of resources, with the barest minimum of interaction, assistance, or interference, an automated process predicated on the complete and total lack of compassion for the “livestock.

Stateville Correctional Center

Over time, mirrors evolved into video surveillance cameras, and the observation tower became the security booth. The structure is immense, resembling an airplane hanger surrounded by razor wire.

They emphasize that Stateville is reserved for their most hardened criminals. I had a short parole coming. One by one, the trade programs fell by the wayside, until today, one last program remains. They tell me when to sleep.