Season 30, Episode – “Episode ” Rain tells Daniel and Amber a few home truths regarding their relationship. Season 30, Episode – “Episode ” The discovery of Gary’s deception could end up proving dangerous for Sheila. Callum attempts to keep the puppy. Season 30, Episode 56 – “Episode ” Kate comes to a decision. Sam unexpectedly returns to Erinsborough and finds him. On Off Show Watched Arrow:

Donna realises she had no idea what happened to Ringo on the day of the accident after Kate tells her she plans to testify against Steph and hopes she goes to jail for what she has done. Love blossoms during the storm. Season 31, Episode 99 – “Episode ” Terese manages to get through to Clem and he turns to Susan for help. Candace sabotages Kate’s dance routine leaving her with a sprained ankle, plus she falls out with Declan who says he’s washing his hands of the situation. Naomi decides to continue to work for Paul despite her feelings. Sheila and Naomi attempt to sort things out.

Whilst Donna investigates what Naomi is after. Season 30, Episode – “Episode ” Naomi makes her next move. Amber decides to take the job with Rick.

Neighbours – Season 26

Joshua maintains his online persona for Amber. Toadie and Sonya’s trip to Sydney goes awry when they bump wztch Sonya’s ex-boyfriend. When I Dissed the Teacher. Stepping Up to the Fate. There’s never a dull moment in Ramsay Street, and despite their many feuds, the residents will always – in the words of the show’s theme tune – “be there for one another”.


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Waatch is encouraged to take the plunge by Paul. Season 30, Episode 65 – “Episode ” Brennan organises a massive surprise for Kate. Ringo makes a huge decision and Susan gets worried about Libby’s new persona.

Season 30, Episode – “Episode ” Sonya’s solution for Toadie makes things difficult for Naomi. Season 10, Episode Let Her Eat Cake.

Harry thinks that stopping himself going after Summer, might convince Andrew to stay. Brennan wants to use Danni as bait to try and lure Stephen out into the open.

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After finding out that Amber and Daniel are back together, Imogen gets drunk and ends up in bed with a handsome stranger. Things become too much for Josh. Joshua is determined to try and win Amber’s love. Season 7, Episode Kyle is concerned that Sheila’s recovery is not going as well as it should be.


Paige feels torn about revealing the truth about her true identity.

Where can i watch old neighbours episodes in the UK?

Daniel makes Joshua an offer he is unable to turn down. Get Out, Stay Out. Naomi and Imogen find themselves thrown together. Summer calls Andrew over in rebellion against Lyn, when she finds out that she’d warned him away.

Joshua tells Amber that he’s still loves her. Donna’s not convinced and her and Summer follow her. Daniel shocks Amber with a proposition.

Paige receives an neihbours proposal. The Buck Stops Here.

Karl and Zeke have different opinions on Mia. Season 21, Episode Season 30, Episode – “Episode ” Terese attempts to persuade Joshua to return to school.

Sheila catches a thief. Nate and Aaron try and put on a show at Lassiters. Fight For Your Right.

Amber and Daniel attempt to work out how they feel about one another.