Maya of the Wind is trying to convince two young girls, Iria and Sara, to move on to the after life. On the next scene, first level: Kira shows up and scares Maya with a talk about the Forest of Darkness. The episode begins by explaining how the Great Deity created heaven and the angels by infusing his breath with love. Zeus gives them their order and first mission to descend on Earth and destroy the tree monster which is killing humans and animals by absorbing their life energy. On the other hand, Shiva, a night before the Day of Benediction, unable to fall asleep, as he remembers the words Goh told him earlier that day which is wanting to have Judas all by himself and him having dark thoughts.

On the next scene, finally the first four arrives at the summit were Shin and Judas being the last to arrive, much to Shiva’s dismay. The two girls are certain that they are very much alive. Judas then thinks that Zeus is tormenting angels. Ranked Popularity Members 3, However, Kira says that they will be bullied if seen, because they are mixed-blood. After talking about it, they finally understood the reason of Maya’s rampage and decided to cheer them for the best. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As of two new OVAs were made, but this time they focused on what had happened back in the heavens.

Ranked Popularity Members 3, Luca and Rey had to avoid all the falling ice and had to fly towards the exit.

Retrieved from ” https: Hiro and Rey fight and Hiro is killed. Kaneko, Hidetoshi Art Director.

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Goh said he thinks that all high ranked angels wants to become Saint Beasts. Adding that they answer to his order with love and devotion without compensation and that is their job: As the Holy Spirit festival approaches, Zeus ‘purifies’ the low rank angels who have sinned.


Zeus answers that if they cannot handle such then they don’t deserve the Saint Beasts title. On the next scene, Judas and Goh are training while Gai and Maya watches them.

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The Four Saint Beasts decides that they are going to fight Luca and Judas even if they don’t want to. They are helping the villagers harvest and it seemed to be a very peaceful village with angels and humans. Shin and Judas were starting to see illusions and they both combined their powers to defeat it. The tree is seemingly easily defeated. ikjsen

Then, it shows Goh and Shin individually talking about the Jkusen Beasts picking. The village was indeed punished by Zeus in the past, but they were not in the wrong, they wanted to create a place where angels and humans are equals, and this thought has angered Zeus. After they are settled, a conversation between Goh and Gai is shown, about how Gai is lonely without Maya around. Gou is personally asked by the goddess to deal with a Wandering Angel that could be wztch in a haunted mansion on Earth.

The angel said that its orders were to take way thousands of human lives, in order to return yen Heaven. Zeus says to them that at the next Day of Benediction, they will go to the Holy Summit in the morning.

What is the order of the Saint Beast series?

However, the contraption only displays a joke scene between the two mixed-blood brothers and Judas and is a complete failure. They are asked to find out what is going on. It opens with Judas training young angels, who are afraid to join the training hall.


Saint Beast is originally a CD drama centering on the lives of the six Holy Beasts, and their attraction to one another. The Six Saint Beasts are then called in to the shrine by Zeus. The Four Saint Beasts shows up and tries to save them but they too are soon falling into hell right along with them.

Saki then turns to Goh and says that he is already acting like a Saint Beast but Goh disagrees. Gai opens the ground to give access to the heart, then Goh and Luca take turns attacking, and finally defeats the tree monster. The bodyguard tells them to have a safe trip. Because of this, an earthquake started and the castle was flooded, leaving the angels to drown in it, and only the three of them survived. After their training, Shin handles them each a towel and wishes that he can train with them as well.

In the crater left by the monster, they find a collapsed angel, which utters a few final words before dissipating. They then talked about the Saint Beasts and their feelings to it. They are greeted by two ministers, Cassandra and Pandora. It is revealed that he does this by rubbing a crystal with tears from the Spring of Life, and using his power the ability to control and channel nature he york creates an images. He also gave them additional powers and at the same time, as he sends Shiva away with the wind.