How will he be able to fight if he can’t move? A fortune-telling game is infected by an unnamed Mega-Virus and it causes everyone’s personalities to completely reverse. He sends out a Smog Virus to harm the people. He gets her to create her own virus for Servo to fight, against Sydney’s wishes as she planned to create it as an anti-virus. Sydney goes in as Drago to help Sam defeat Chronic. It was produced by Tsuburaya Productions , Ultracom Inc. Sam decides to have a slumber party at North Valley High School as the school’s fundraiser.

Trembulor is upgraded for the purpose that, whenever Servo is fighting him, no one will be able to hear Servo’s calls for help if he gets into a jam. Amp falls in love with Ms. Sam must destroy the Hockinator virus in the alternate universe and find a way back home before it’s too late. Sydney Forrester Tim Curry Because of this he will likely miss the game, unless the Syber Squad and the help of High Jump, can defeat the virus in order to send High Jump on his way. Amp is attempting to get in shape for a competition, and Malcolm creates a virus which Kilokhan brings to life behind Malcolm’s back. Malcolm resurrects Skorn and sends him into Sam’s radio show at school, causing embarrassing secrets to be revealed about people, including Sydney and Tanker’s secrets. It’s up to his friends to help him out on that.

While Sam is working with Jennifer at school, the rest of the gang goes on a nature hike. But Pratchert’s job is on the line, as a school inspector named Mr.

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Yolanda Pratchert John Wesley Towards the Future Battle Soccer: The Skeleton virus is created that causes everyone affected to forget everything – even who they are. Meanwhile, Malcolm Frink is visited by Kilokahn; a powerful computer program who offers to bring Malcolm’s monster designs to life as Megavirus Monsters and wreak havoc in the world.

After Sam has a strange nightmare, Kilokahn seizes this opportunity to send the Nightmare Virus into Sam’s alarm clock which gives Sam continuous nightmares. Archived copy as title Pages with citations lacking titles Pages with citations having bare URLs All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from October Season 1 Episode Because of this he will likely miss the game, unless the Syber Squad and the help of High Jump, can defeat the virus in order to send High Jump on his way.


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Malcolm gets his comeuppance in the end and is beat up by the soccer team. However, Malcolm sends the fire virus Plexton into the school’s thermostat. I just don’t understand why Sam couldn’t come along.

It was produced by Tsuburaya ProductionsUltracom Inc. That victim is Sam. Sam tries to convince him not to be jealous. Servo must destroy Gramm in order to break the spell and in the process, fend off the reserve virus, which is none other than Plexton.

After water is dumped on his head from Elizabeth’s prank, Sam is forced to use the dryer, only to have it turn his hair into a whole messy field of static electricity.

A power surge is created in syberspace, and when Sam uses the computer to investigate, he, as Servo, is thrust through syberspace in a rapid, endless, and uncontrollable flight. Malcolm creates the Mega-Virus Monsters since Kilokhan doesn’t have that ability.

Take a Hike

When the lights go out, Amp needs to amp up his legs for a exercise bike that will provide enough power for Servo to face the virus. Meanwhile, Kilokhan forces Malcolm to study how his viruses always loses to the Servo Program and they discover the weak link in the Servo Program’s line of defense.

First run syndication — ABC The Adventure Begins Great: But that is the least of his worries when Kilokahn, against Malcolm’s wishes, releases the Thorned Virus to sound off an alarm system which will apparently trigger warheads throughout the globe. Therefore, it’s up to Tanker, in the unlikely role of Servo, to save the day!

Knowing he’s close, Kilokhan sends Malcolm out to set up the town with Christmas lights to give Kilokhan the power to pin-point their enemy. Ultra Galaxy Legend Side Story: After mistaking an utterly hideous old woman to be the object of their friend’s affections, Sam, Sydney, obline Tanker come up with a plan to make him forget about his crush.

He then sticks Malcolm inside of a mega-virus monster named Sybo. After a bit of confusion, it seemed as if the virus would not cause any harm after all, that is until a jealous Malcolm turns the virus completely evil and forces Kilokhan to return to him.

Amp falls in love with Ms.

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I mean, he could be out here in the great outdoors. Now a fugitive on the lam from the principal and the authorities, Sam and the others find out that Kord is responsible. When he finds and erases the minds of Tanker, Syd and Amp, he turns against Malcolm.

Luckily Sydney thinks she hears him everywhere she goes and Tanker uses Drago to rescue him. Retrieved 13 February The Chronicle New Generation Chronicle Sam Collins discovers the world of Syberspace and becomes Servo, fighter for justice.

It ate his disk and severely messed up his hand after attempting to eat it as well. When Malcolm discovers the good Kilokahn, he is infuriated but attempts to take on life as a good-natured fellow, only to fail miserably until he tricks him into bring the Hock virus to life. Sam learns just how dependent he is on his friends when he’s sucked into a video camera thanks to the Feee virus and nearly goes insane from the prolonged enforced solitude. He gets her to create her own virus for Servo to fight, against Sydney’s wishes as she planned to create it as an anti-virus.

A power surge in syberspace sends Sam into an alternate universe, where everyone he knows is different than from the universe he knows: Malcolm resurrects the Manfu virus to create a barrier around the high school, which imprisons the gang, who is staying after school.

Only a few Mega-Virus Monsters have the power of speech. Quotes [ first lines ] Sydney Forrester: Malcolm creates the Manfu virus and sends it into the school’s water squas, causing whoever touches it to become superhumab and unable to move or speak. Sydney and Tanker suspects a virus is in the box. Killer onpine Beatstar It causes her hand to go on a petty crime spree. The Final Battle When High Jump finds squav that it is all a scam, everyone can’t leave the school because of the Krono virus which created a barrier around the school.

High school student Sam Collins is the head of a band called Team Samurai. Kilokahn voice Jayme Betcher From this spell, Sam becomes a wimp, Tanker becomes a nerd, Amp becomes a man of Zen, and Sydney becomes a punk.