J2 got me good. An old enemy returns. Some great lines delivered by 2 great angels: His Greek equivalent and the more accurate god that was actually portrayed in this episode is Hermes, messenger god in Greek mythology, known for his speed. Castiel goes to rip Dean a new one for this, but Dean was ready for him. They ended up having ghost sex in one of the rooms the doctors occasionally have sex in. This is another episode where Dean questions everything he was taught about supernatural beings. But you were more like him than I will ever be.

The Winchesters come face to face with the gods! Dean also has a hard time staying so serious for too long. Crowley tries to make a deal. More than the angels and demons they’ve faced of late, the gods of Greek legend will appear when Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious case involving an amnesiac man with an unusual habit of dying. At the same time, trudging toward D-Day, Jesus proposed to Morgan that he use the pointy end of his stick for the dead and the blunt end for the living. An old friend has returned. This episode picks up one and a half weeks after Sam and Dean separated because of the argument they had over Amy, the Kitsune from episode 3 this season. Meg meets Castiel for the first time in this episode.

Remember the Titans 27 Feb Sam Winchester Jensen Ackles You can SKIP this one if you want, but Charlie is so endearingly played by Felicia Day, that I would recommend you watch it if you have supernaturak time and inclination. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies watcg to stream now with Prime Video.

Like, he turned Castiel into a toy, powerful. WATCH — Sam is detoxing from the demon blood and Bobby steps into his father-figure role with the brothers again trying to mend their relationship. Well, the patient she fell in love with is the same actor that plays John Winchester. In the opening sequence you see Crowley making a deal with Mr. What makes the final scene great is while Warch goes into the room to kill Madison, the cameras stay on Dean who is outside of the room. Dean to Sam s8s16 Johnson: You find out that when Dean was little, his mother used to tell him every night when she tucked him into bed that angels were watching over him.


Rufus is hunting and Okami while the boys are on the trail of a Lamia. This episode is great because you finally get an understanding of why Sam trusts Ruby so much. Some old friends supernatjral back in this episode. The Croatoan virus has infected humans and Sarah Palin is president. Bobby takes advantage of the situation to get some revenge. Probably the one that prepared and cooked the captured humans to the rest of the gods in the episode.

Death is not amused. Spoiler warning for those who want to watch the episode: Sam and Dean come across a mysterious man that dies once every day. Bobby and Dean devise a plan to deal with Sam. Negan stopped to consider it, and in that instant, Rick slit his throat.

Mark Sheppard gives us an amazing performance, as always, as Crowley. This episode picks up one and a half weeks after Sam and Dean separated because of the argument they had over Amy, the Kitsune from episode 3 this season. Prepare to fall in love with Rufus some more in this episode, too. Read on and find out. Remember the first time Sam died and Dean thought maybe he came back different?

A new angel is introduced in this episode — Raphael. Also, because now that Castiel is going to appear in more episodes, the writers start developing his character a little more.


If you do skip this episode, read this spoiler: Make sure you watch the recap in the next episode if you skip this supernatuarl to find out what you missed. So, what did you think of the Season 8 finale? Introduction of Adam Milligan and how he knows John Winchester.

Also, Bobby delivers one of the wisest and most far-reaching lines of the show. Nothing happens here that affects the overall story-arc. There are some hilarious lines in this episode, but you can SKIP it.

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This is the first time we get to see Jared play a new character in the show. Remember the Titans 27 Feb 7. Join 6 other followers Sign me up! Castiel has lost his faith in Dean, but Sam still believes in him and the 3 of them go to save the person who was brought back from the dead. A new big bad, the Mother of All, is introduced.

Balthazar is back and he hates Titanic. What did that mean?

Remember the Titans

Not only that, but Jensen directed this episode as well. The series likes to sprinkle in a goofy episode here and there and while there were episodes with hilarious lines so far, this is the first of a different kind of episode.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The rest of the episode is inconsequential to the greater story. In case anything eatch wrong, Dean gives Dr.