For some reason he writes hate against Sinhala leaders. The latter is what is happening today, and will continue to do so unless there is a change in strategy. No one has pointed out to the Sinhalese that at the height of the war there were , military. I have read more than various Mission records of all denominations wherein they have published letters sent from then Ceylon to their respective headquarters. If you look at all religions in the country one could find many sects or splinter groups. To them it meant creating a separate country on the island and joining it with Tamil Nadu. I think it must be a communal mental problem. That is good governance and rule of law.

The bottom line is money whatever the religion is. They are not histories. Perhaps students found subjects taught in English hard to follow and in the competitive exams arrayed against second or third generation English literates they fared badly. Nothing Aryan or Indo European. You personally, should not condemn only the SL military and Sinhalese! It is not Mahawamsa or the LTTE that should decide the future of this treasure island but all the inhabitants, Srilankans of all walks of life who believes in peace, prosperity with tolerance and acceptance of our shared heritage, culture , languages, arts , sciences and beliefs with respect for all,.

I read through curiosity. It is the time the wave on their side lashing the plotted soldiers and their family ; subjugating them into rape and slavery. Even when he was an Academic at Peradeniya,more than three decades ago,he had the same views!

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Yes, Buddhism has been there for over a million years with many Buddhas in between. On Sri Lankan History I subtitls be blogging in detail with historical references in my site.


Richmond College is in Galle, not Matara which is 28 miles away. But today, you can easily find Sinhala subtitles for any English, Hindi or Tamil movie.

The majority of the records left by the Sinhalese rulers weer the death of Vijayabahu I and accession of Parakramabahu I are in Tamil Concise History of Ceylon, November 17, at 4: Nothing Aryan or Indo European. Land is flown not only by rivers; but also by the movement of population.

How to Find Sinhala Subtitles for Any English, Tamil or Hindi Film?

The ultra racist Sinhalese, S. When those 15 million people elect Sinhala racist Monkeys like Vibushana and Sinhala chauvinist Donkeys like Jim Softy as their leaders, they definitely deserve to suffer in pain.

That is simply not true. Why our scholars had to go to either Calcutta or Madras University was when the schools were made collegiate they were affiliated to these two Universities.

The revenge is not justice, reconciliation or any form of deterrence; though the international powers tend to imply so only when it applies to poorer and socio-economically compromised nation entities. All of them administered the three Kingdoms separately. It is the weak who fear and who in their fear seek to subjugate and assimilate, so that they may feel secure. Talking about Mahawansa mindset, there are more tammas quoting mahawansa When it suits than Sinhalese.

It was the time that everyone wanted to climb the social ladder. That was the time some yellow togared thugs ruled the roost. A Nature study found the Romani language to be most closely related to Sinhalese language.

More ethnic rioting He served as Assistant Bishop of Tirunelveli from Let us wish her a speedy recovery. As to Tamils fighting against Hindi, why do Sinhalese fight against Tamil,t hough Sinhalese are a majority? Of all the Dravidian languages it is Tamil that has exerted the greatest influence on Sinhalese Concise History of Ceylon, Help me, oh, help me; help me with some! If you define Sinhalese as just the genetic composition of the group, than that is inefficient as the Sinhalese gene pool is now largely comprised of so many other groups even colonial groups.


Premadasa was hated by Sinhalese, partly because he was from a low caste — dhobi or clothes washerman. Elu Akaradiya is a Sinhala dictionary that had been used by Rev. What the Sinhalese and their leaders were trying to do for the last 60 years was to control the Sri Lankan Tamils but they cannot.

There is soldierx justification for the vicious and most barbaric violence, LTTE terrorism carried out for over three decades within the island and on her neighbour killing one of their most innocent yet prominent inspiring asian sons, Rajive Gandhi. It is a sad a sorry situation what happened in and ensuing decades. This is how Kallathonis who swam from the other side are trying to establish a history in Sri lanka.

Later he Vijay married a Pandyan princess of Madurai, South India and his men were given in marriage to the Pandyan maidens.