Is that even possible? Don’t think you can get extra time for parking when seeing a movie in Westfield, I tried a few years ago at Parramatta and was told they don’t do that anymore. If you have a problem paying for parking I suggest you don’t park there or take your car out before the parking fee starts counting. Free parking is never free. Are they not disclosing their parking fees anywhere within their car park or centre to spur confusion and trick customers? She had to park further and further away from the train station because the council’s new street parking limits. Is this your business?

I absolutely agree with you. The attendant on the other end was less than sympathetic and said that I’d have to pay the fee. Made all the more difficult with companions who are not as steadfast as I am and need to use the toilets and stop and look at things on the way out which took us longer. Exorbitant prices just to park the car. That’s Australia for you. It used to be impossible to find a spot to park at Miranda because all sorts of people were driving in to park in the morning, getting on the train to the CBD for work car park is right next to the station , then leaving the car there all day until they got back at night. Are they setting up American Ninja Warrior-style obstacles between their car parks and retailers to ensure that they hold their customers up sufficiently to obtain increased revenue through parking fees?

I absolutely agree with you. Is that even possible?

P She would probably kill me if I refused to let her pagramatta the toilet just because the parking meter is running. You end up wasting so much fuel looking for a spot. Watched a lengthy movie at the cinemas. This may not work at Chatswood Westfield, but I used to do it at Broadway if I was running late for Uni and didn’t have time to move my car: Your opinion is defunct if wsetfields seriously went from leaving Miranda Event Cinemas to going to beverly hills.


Ive said I don’t have a credit card and have spent all my cash once.

Parking the main issue here – Event Cinema Parramatta

You have already been given permission to enter, you have to be explicitly told to leave premises by the owner or their representative and not return. Reviewed 4 July Descent places to catch movies. I doubt they would prosecute. I’m assuming said piece of metal would need to weigh a few hundred kilos. If I do need one, I’d walk inside quickly to do a round near the check in or before custom to find free trolleys that people finish, but think airport staff are now getting rid of trolleys faster cinemq used to be.

I actually miss the days the shops closed at lunchtime Saturday, and didnt open again until Monday morning.

Parking the main issue here – Event Cinema Parramatta, Parramatta Traveller Reviews – TripAdvisor

Cleanliness and more staff presence could make this a better place. I have been to Event Cinemas almost for all movies watched in last year and it never disappoints. But please Don’t comment unless you can make a positive contribution to the discussion. Is this your business?

This isn’t even that bad when you compare it with real scumbags that are Macquarie Group which own Sydney Airport. Don’t complain that “Oh, I was late out of the shopping centre, and I had to pay a fee as indicated parramwtta their schedule of fees displayed at the vehicular entry, exit, pay machines and all pedestrian entrances to the car park!!

Luckily Found a second trolley inside the parjing for free, which someone would have left before boarding. Of course 3 hours is not going to be sufficient for ALL people. Make up your mind mate, you can’t just make criminal offences up. Westfield is very up-front about their parking policies, this should not have taken you by surprise.


Too many people park their cars there all day just to catch the wsetfields to work in the cities. Yeah that’s the problem. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Everything is a rort parramattz Westfields, you should see how much the shops pay in rent. Free parking with entry after 7pm. You must be very strong. Parking the main issue here – Event Cinema Parramatta. Tell them you and your friends are never going back.

I’ve been here quite a few times with friends, and it never disappoints. Am I the only person thinking you stayed over 3 hours, so it’s reasonable you pay??? They can’t just walk to the train station because they live too far from it.

And the CCTV footage showing you put the metal on the sensor to would prove the deceptive conduct. Happened to me twice! Had the same experience at Miranda Westfields recently The car park is an abysmal mess with “renovations” happening everywhere and an absolute dogs breakfast for finding your way out icnema the rabbit warren and back to your car and through the construction zone.

It is not a new radical dinema that parking businesses charge based on time incurred.