I still like his work and I still feel my own feminism was changed for the better because of his shows. Buffy meant a lot to me. And the fact it seems he blamed a lot of women for Comic actor Steve Martin ‘s stand-up routines frequently employ this trope. Alan Tudyk to star in new ABC pilot. Especially since hero worship is a big part of the problem, or at least very, very enabling.

In googling Avengers 2 to make sure I hadn’t hallucinated how bad it was, I found this quote from Joss on the topic of why there are so few female superhero movies: In the original movie, the abuser would flicker the gas lights to make his target think she was crazy. I enjoyed Glass in Barney Miller , too! Dreamwatch interview with James Marsters and his manager about the Rift convention. If he actually makes sure women get opportunities on his projects and public credit for the work they do. Teddy Dunn , who portrayed Duncan Kane , originally auditioned for the role of Logan.

Film and television programs are constructed using a complex series of codes and conventions.


The victims have every right to step up and whedonfsque state their situation whfdonesque it’s not likely that it can be proven that the perpetrators have broken any legal laws. In summerWhedon encountered artist Shawnee Kilgore on Kickstarter. When we make a bad decision and find that we’ve be rewarded for that bad decision, ie through sex, money, fame, it’s easy to make that bad decision again, and then again, and again, until we lose our moral compass.

Detective Kate Lockley from Angel turns 35 today. It’s where the pole thingy attaches to their stand dealies. I’ve traveled to Hollywood premieres, met life long friends, met my wife because of Firefly. Whedonesque was one of six fan websites featured in Click Critics: Peiwith an extension right of photo designed by Fumihiko Maki opened in March I’m a shark, not a And if you’re the dude who is getting the gimlet eye, blame the other guys, and suck it up, because we’re not in this for women’s approval anyway.


Whedon then cuts to an audience view through the security camera looking down on Zoe, in which she shoots and kills the image. I’m done recomfoobulating the energy-motron Hey, I know this ship kinda sailed a long time ago, but “gaslighting” and “lying” are not synonyms.

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Buffy Season 8 wins industry awards. Joss Whedon Strikes Again. Too often, they’re just whedoneesque that as smokescreen to manipulate women. I’d place decent odds on him interpreting the situation to his advantage–to take a narrow definition of “consent” that served him. Fluffy photo feature over at DigitalSpy. Retrieved September 25, Musings of a former fan.


The final post appears to still be accepting comments, if anyone wants to log in and say farewell. Paley members can reserve now, general public seats on sale Wednesday. Mal is an asshole to his crew, but also fiercely protective of them to the point of self-sacrifice.

Especially since hero worship is a big part of the problem, or at least very, very enabling. That’s the other reason it was good of Cole to say this stuff in public, even though she’ll get a bad reception from a lot of people — any actress or industry bae who didn’t appreciate Whedon’s attentions almost certainly did not and does not feel free to say so in a similarly public venue.

Then you get whedonesuqe on power, lie to your wife, and fuck everyone, I guess. How could you not, yet behave like that? Yeah, calling this gaslighting is accurate. If you can’t find other ways to defend the work, other than pulling feminism down a notch, maybe it’s not worth publicly defending.

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It’s the serial cheating I’m talking about, and that might be where the disconnect is. Serenity is a American science fiction action film written and directed by Joss Whedon. Plumbing the Death Star: Cover of Wired issue 1. And Buffy also belongs to the fans who loved her and analyzed her and wrote stories about her and continued to bring her to life beyond the confines of the show.

Taping on May 7th.

Angel is an American television series, a spin-off from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s not only accepted, its encouraged. Due to Whedon’s frequent casting of the same actors in various projects, the above list only includes those that have played three or more different roles in a Whedon production; actors that have only bzr the same role in multiple Whedon productions are not included.


Archived from the original on September 30, And put them out. But, seriously, this question is whedondsque and you just gotta stop. Good male feminists really understanding what that means would do a lot to help, I think. After The Fall 6. Where you know them from”. Men who want “extra credit” for being so terribly terribly feminist do not get to ignore these biases and maintain their extra-credit feminist kudos if they cheat and then lie to coomedy spouse, allowing them to make life choices that whedonesqur themselves.

Archived from the original on June 28, There isn’t a definitive moment that I can put my finger on – it’s more about the choice of female archetypes. This 30″ x So yes, I can come out of the shadows and declare my disregard for some of Whedon’s work with impunity!

It’s never crushed her spirit, it’s never laid a finger on her. At least there will be a few less voices now trying to justify his problematic writing and actions. I told my roommate that I would comddy to go, not just because I thought the war was wrong but because I was afraid bae if I found myself in that situation, with a gun and among a bunch of people who were supposed to kill the enemy, I would start using the gun and killing people.

All are guests at the Creation Grand Slam convention this weekend Apr. Archived from the original on June 11,