Selina then summons ghosts that the Winx are unable to fight until Eldora steps in and destroys the ghosts, and the Trix retreat. Following the vampires to an old mausoleum, Stella turns the vampires to dust and frees the people. Rai 2 , Rai Gulp. While visiting her home, Tecna also brings Timmy to meet her parents. Eldora comes and warns the Winx about this fact and Icy overhears and the Trix leave. She accepts and comes out of retirement.

The Trix use the Beast of the Depths to crash the party. The Winx go to Zenith in the hope of finding a technological device that will allow them to track the invisible Cloud Tower. The Trix head to Eraklyon Institute, where they encounter Diaspro, who wants to team up with the Trix to get her revenge on Bloom. Bloomix , focuses mainly on the Trix allying with Selina , a young witch from Earth who has just enrolled at Cloud Tower as a freshman student, and who is an old childhood best friend of Bloom’s. Daphne receives an invitation to the Golden Auditorium. In order to do so, they must also find Eldora, the fairy godmother, who, like Bloom, has quite a close connection with Selina, and the only one who knows how to seal the Legendarium for eternity.

The Trix are observing the Winx and see them going where Eldora lives.

The people of planet Domino celebrate the return of Princess Daphne. They go to Tir Nan Og to see Queen Nebula who shows to the Winx the Mythix scepters that can only used by proving themselves worthy of their power. When the Trix attack, the Winx attempt to fight back but they stripped all their powers when they confronted the Legendarium; except Thorej since her Dragon Flame can’t be extinguished.


Flora saves her younger sister, Miele, and gains her new Bloomix transformation. Selina summons the children of the night and orders them to attack Bloom, and the pixies fight them at first. The Winx show up and chase the vampires off. She releases Rumpelstiltskin from the Legendarium to steal Musa’s voice.

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However, little did the Trix and Selina realize that he did not expect to fall in love with Tecna. By using this site, wwinx agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bloom senses that her bonded pixie, Lockette, is in danger and goes to help. Bloom and the pixies are in danger when the Winx learn of this through their connection with their bonded pixies and prepare eepisode go to Earth to help Bloom.

The pirates retreat, leaving the island alone and go back into the Legendarium world. Selina shows up at Alfea and cclub to Bloom that the Trix captured her, but she managed to escape. According to Nickelodeon season 6 was only shown with only 17 episodes of the entire season was moved to Nick Jr due to ratings were low.

Dapjne Trix leave to go attack Eldora’s house and there is a battle between the Winx and the Trix.

After a long fight against the zombies, Bloom transforms the island people into fairies and they blast the ship. The Winx, Specialists and Paladins travel to Calavera to find the emerald that’s hidden on a sunken pirate ship.

To her surprise, she also finds Selina, who is revealed to be an old childhood friend of Bloom’s when they were kids.

Bloom destroys the power enhancement spell of the Trix, and they retreat. Sky rushes off to find Flora on the ground and Bloom almost unwittingly feeding her poison that Selina disguised as medicine. They call Daphne who wihx them about the vampires.


However, they discover the town is haunted by a terrifying curse: Griffin wakes up and reveals that Selina is evil and is allied with the Trix. Retrieved from ” https: This causes the monster to take Tecna to the Legendarium World. At Alfea, Flora tells everyone that Eldora lives in Gardenia. Once Bloom overcomes their Cage of Sorrow, she escapes with the Legendarium key.

Not long until the Trix and Selina send seasob Gargantua to crash Stella’s party.

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The Winx must find the Inspiration of Sirenix to help Daphne regain her both self-confidence and her powers. Bloom, takes Selina in the Alfea greenhouse winc she sneaks, around causing chaos. She gives the trophy to Bloom who is proud at the gesture.

This page was last edited on 31 Augustat While in her room Bloom notices the place that she played in as kids is where Eldora lives.

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Ajd Trix head to Eraklyon Institute, where they encounter Diaspro, who wants to team up with the Trix to get her revenge on Bloom. Rai 2Rai Gulp. Only Selina can lock the Legendarium book. Bloom tries to lock the Legendarium book, but she is unable to lock the Legendarium book.