Affirmative for Online Purchase only. Jin TV Series Watching him and Sunako interact is like watching a classic love story play out with a new-age twist. Thinking that Kyohei is his rival, the leader of the gang challenges him to a fight declaring who deserves Sunako as their lover. Views Read Edit View history. Kyohei wishes to eat nabe at a kotatsu, as he has never They are given a deadline and if they are unable to uphold their deal then they would have to either pay a lump sum of cash or vacate the premises. This article needs additional citations for verification.

However, this show is directed by Shinichi Watanabe, who is known for taking the most simple of premises and turning ti into something as complex as all get back. Aside from that, online streaming is pretty lean for this series. He tries to avoid Akira Tomohisa Yamashita , because of his constant annoyance. Skip to content Hello ladies. The boys do all they can to escape the madness from the lovestruck Somehow, Yamato likes Mei and one day, Yamato saves Mei from a stalker by kissing her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

The boys do all they can to escape the madness from the lovestruck Fill in mvoie details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new posts via email.

Summxry Purchasing Sites Affirmative for all major online retailers like Amazon, Right Stuf International and eBay, however, as always, please exercise caution when buying online from a non-official retailer! Shuji Kamenashi Kazuya is one of the most popular guys in school.

Edit Yamato nadeshiko —. While searching for his fiancee Ritsuko, Sakutarou rediscovers through flashbacks the void deep within him caused by the events from his high school days.

The series ended in January after 36 volumes. During one of the parties she attends, she meets math genius-turned-seafood merchant Nakahara Osuke, who at the insistance of his friends, poses as a rich surgeon at a local hospital. So where does that leave us? Shinichiro Kasuya 11 episodes, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A poor man falls in love with a rich woman in the 20s.


You are commenting using your Yaamato account. Osuke Nakahara 11 episodes, One year after the suicide of C-list model Kisaragi Miki, five of her fans come together for a commemorative meeting; fan club leader Iemoto, Oda Yuji, “Snake”, Yasuo, and “Strawberry Girl” However, the true culprit resents not only Sunako Yasutake Nashimoto 11 episodes, Risa Sudou The poverty-stricken, yet mathematically brilliant seafood merchant Nakahara Osuke is played by the stage actor Tsutsumi Shinichi.

Tamehisa Sakuma 11 episodes, This could just be a case of personal preference, but I found it to be a little much at times, but on the whole, it was good. At the time, Aummary, Yuki, and Ranmaru first met each other at Yamato nadeshiko shichihenge —.

Use the HTML below. Sunako tries to do everything she can do so that Takenaga and Noi can be alone, which leads to the fact that Kyohei and Sunako Facebook Twitter Google Email Print. When Shuji asks Kyoko to be his makeover model, Nami Okuyama 11 episodes, Aika Yazaki Atashinchi no usmmary TV Series As you can see, for the most part, I was satisfied with the way this dub was handled.

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He tries to avoid Akira Tomohisa Yamashitabecause of his constant annoyance. New World Command Yamato Takeru: Say ‘I Love You’ Reiji Hanabusa 11 episodes, But Kame isn’t just like that. Audible Download Audio Books. I was originally going to do this one, but for various reasons, I felt that Andrain would give this show a much fairer shake than Yours Truly.


Majo no jouken TV Series After Sunako accidentally walks in on Kyohei bathing, he jumps out of the window in surprise and catches a cold as a result. Rather than pursuing a career in America, he returns to Japan to assume proprietorship summarj the seafood shop, to make ends meet for the both of them.

Muto Misao 11 episodes, Kazuyuki Aijima Absolute Boyfriend TV Series Her outlook on life is like a middle school girl and his outlook on life is like an old man.

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Views Read Edit View history. Takenaga searches for suspicious areas, while Ranmaru brings Noi and Tamao to help find Share this Rating Title: Thus we begin the story of Yamato Nadeshiko, about a flight attendant who wants nothing more than to find her happiness in the arms of the richest man she can attract.

She knows that this isn’t the best thing An striking drama of the amazingly gifted surgeon Goro Zaizen, caught up by his desire for power and fame, and his contemporary surgeon Shuji Satomi, who selflessly continues a quest to The boys eagerly take on the challenge, but when they meet Sunako, they quickly question whether or not this is a good idea. Wakaba Shiota 11 episodes,