Wakabayashi, Kazuhiro Sound Director. He later publicly exposes this fact on a live television show using Beelzebub’s Divulgence ability, causing the professor to go into hiding, and giving Toki to a loving family. Mune o sawaru na! I actually felt that it was pretty dark at times as well. Since the end halves are different anyway it’ll all still be quite fresh and exciting. NGE is probably the classic love-hate title. The next was not being able to kill Harry when he was all about loyalty and never betray. Originally Posted by HentaiBrah.

Never heard of The Dawn dafuq is this http: WTF did i just watch That aside though, this series will always be number one for me. With Akutabe gone on a three-day case on the other side of the world, Rinko is forced to rely on Beelzebub for help. Ultimate, or should I skip Hellsing? From what I’ve seen, you and I have very similar taste in anime, so I’m sure you’ll love it.

Gotham Knight animated sequence Blame! Here are 50 anime references your may have missed. Episode 25 is considered one of the best. FMA, more eps, though it doesn’t really matter lol. It looks promising so far. Stand Alone Complex Ghost in the Shell: When Douchin accidentally breaks a vase in the principal’s room, he calls upon Gusion to eat the memories of Himoi and the principal to cover yodnemasu actions.

Hell, maybe I’m just jaded but it seems like the overwhelming majority of anime these days just doesn’t have the same heart in it Okay, jk about the neg, but you get my point.

Beginning with the second episode you’ll notice little subtle things that make you really appreciate how the characters deal with the loss.

Apparently that rustled major jimmies and led to me being warned; epiode even posted a new sticky announcing further penalties for posting “spoilers”. Sakuma is introduced to Koutarou Douchin, a young boy contracted with Gusion, a monkey-like demon who eats the memories of others.


When Lord Fifth appears, who dares to cause strife! I wanna re-watch the TV series before watching Rebuild. LOL at the elevator scene, I lost it. Anyways, I think I may have stumbled on the sleeper hit of this winter season: One last quote from the series: In regards to Mahou Shoujo, I can see why people animeulgima think its a tad bit overrated. Meh, imma probably get hated on for saying it but I’ve never seen anything particularly special about FMA or DN, to me they sort of symbolize the new wave of generic, mainstream anime.

Rewatched most of the episodes but skimmed through the later episodes.


Akutabe then scolds Rinko for her carelessness and warns her to be more careful when dealing with demons. After a little research he comes up with a plan and forms a contract with Undine, a neurotic, unstable demon of jealousy with the power of Transformation.

That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something. Am I the yondmasu eagerly anticipating fatebound’s reaction post to the first episode? Refusing to go back without having a task given to him, Rinko allows Azazel to wash the windows. As for Chihayafuru, the first ep of the second season seems to have to a main hook being a love rival for Chihaya and also a conflict between the ambitions of all the club members.

Touhou Hakken Ibun, def interesting.

Yondemasu yo azazel-san z episode 1 – Google Docs

For desecrating the grimoire, he is turned into a praying mantis leaving Azazel unable to use his powers. Curious what else shows are you guys watching from this Winter Season.


animeultiima Not sure if you did or not, i’m currently on the 4th episode and i can already tell it’s going to reach that GOAT status soon. However, Azazel proves to be useless, using his powers upon their client instead, first giving her an overwhelming stench, and then giving her enormous breasts. But I like the subbed translation as well.

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The misses fkn threw half of it out when they moved and he hadn’t even realised yet. Azazel and Beelzebub are impressed by Salamander’s powers and agree to assist azazzel. Sword Art Online seems to be the most recent example of fan division. Yeah, I yodnemasu put Clannad first season on-hold during the first arc. Archived from the original on May 4, BTW, I get amazingly aggravated when I am recommended something, and then told I have to wait 10 episodes or some bull crap for it to “get good”.

B was far superior to the original. When Akutabe returns to the office, he discovers what has transpired and concluded from the way things are that Salamander completely took over Okada’s will due to lack of experience. I love JoJo so much. I also felt it was rushed and even strong spoiler Hughes’ death was more dramatic. I’ve had LoGH stalled at 10 episodes, imo it was getting better with each episode but I have a very bad tendency to simply fall uninterested very quickly and stall things.