HTML5 available for mobile devices. The series started off a little slow the first few episodes but picked up when the story starting developing. T it shall be in the top 50 favs out of the hundreds of anime I have watched. I’m really surprised of how underrated this show is. It was nice, while I was watching, to know that I wasn’t the only one feeling certain ways. Musaigen no Phantom World Norn9: Scenes often jumped around way too much, without a sense of continuity. While certainly not the most well-done characters I’ve ever seen, Zegapain’s characters were okay and were more than just mouthpieces.

Character motivations were often not always clear. It was clunky, and looked awkward in the animated world. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good, either. As for the overall ending, I was quite happy with it. Episode 26 was good, but hated the ending, especially when it showed Kyo and Ryoko, well only those parts, since I am a fan of Kyo the original and Shizuno even though Kyo first memories wasn’t basically shown in the Anime, only a few 10 second scenes. I usually dislike mecha shows and avoid them but somehow came across this one and picked it up.

However, I did enjoy the beginning mystery to it, and the existentional themes. Kyo, at times, was G Gundam Domon Schizo. I also hated her appearence, to me she looked ugly, well annime ugly but way below average for an Anime character.

Naruto Next Generations Boruto: I would’ve loved this show if Kyo’s personality, his original one didn’t change.

It made the show more enjoyable to get some commentary between episodes. This web site is published by the Anime Club, a registered student organization. Even the aquarium episode and some of the beginning ones didn’t seem to connect. This web site is not an official publication of The University of Texas at Austin and does not represent the views of The University or its officers.


Haha, I was wondering the same a few minutes ago. I think the show would have benefited from no CGI. Dead Apple Captain Tsubasa Cardfight!! He would go into fits of screaming rage at seemingly nothing. They always kept talking about missing light thing. It just seems like it wasn’t what you wanted out of the show, which feels bad to judge the series based on.

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Everyone avoids Kuronuma Sawako; she looks like the similarly named character from The Ring, and her classmates are sure that she sees ghosts and places curses on people on a regular basis.

They were practically a couple from the beginning so seeing them finally acknowledge that and realize it over time – as teenagers would tend to do – felt very natural and nice to see for once. The pregnancy scene implies Ryoko is already a human evident from the cup of water but since she’s alone, Kyo could be either: I’m glad I did.

For example Ryoko being only available in the mecha or the death of arque.

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Other than that, it was nice watching some of the mecha battles and I loved the fact that they added in the sports theme of swimming to balance out the science fiction a bit. I probably would’ve rated it lower, but the episodw few episodes changed my mind. Also, character’s were needlessly sneaky or deceptive at times, simply as plot devices.

I hated Kyo anome I felt that he was too simple, and I’ve seen a lot of characters like him and I’d say they are way better than him. So, the show was decent.


Really epispde show but also so much wasted potential. There have been small hick-ups and breaks in continuity here and there but it didn’t too much damage. Since I’m a fan of Kyo the original one, with the first memories and Shizuno.

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Characters well developed and interesting storyline. Seriously, I think she looked the worst in appearance out of all the girl characters in this Anime, only including the main characters and support characters, not random civilians, etc.

I think the first half was more interesting, with all the mysteries that you’re trying to figure ezgapain along with Kyo and the others. Site title of www.

Do I miss any worthwhile anime-romance from guy’s point of view in MAL?

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Well, I’m only rating it on personal feelings, but If I had to rate it normally, I can’t even do it. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan 7 of 7 — Restart around 9: The CGI I think held the show back. Deals with important themes such as dualism and identity in a really efficient way, whilst eepisode to be really fun for the whole ride.