Here though is my major problem with the book. Women are, exclusively, universally, and apparently unthinkingly, described in terms of their attractiveness. Another example is the various effects of the viruses, some of which are just inconceivable. March 15, at 9: The author has made an obviously painful effort to dumb down the technical aspects in order to allow people who are not IT professionals to understand what’s happening. How to download your photos from Flickr before it deletes them Do you still have a lot of photographs in a free Flickr account? Love the book, and I know nothing about technical issues, but it has wide appeal!

I can say, without exception, this is very thought provoking, disturbing to “connect the dots”, and accurate technically. The writing is the main reason it was bad. The main drawback of the book is the presentation of the technical details. Welcome to my cave! So all of that tech that Apple is really known for is conveniently left out of the book, thus making it practically obsolete at the time of its printing. I don’t know what else could have been done, but then I don’t write thrillers.

Aug 01, aPriL does russimovich sometimes rated it it was ok Shelves: You see, if you took the shallowest plot ever “signs of trouble show up in specialist’s field; he and beautiful women investigate; bad guys are scheming; the hero and his harem are not believed; bad guys threaten the hero and importantly hare I used to dream of writing a thriller.

Zero Day is Here!

Showing of reviews. I felt a connection right away with Jeff Aiken’s character. March 21, at 3: If you know what a rootkit is and how it works, and you like thrillers, then you will like this book. Russinovich mentions the NYSE “flash crash” several times, and the basic idea behind the book is that a sufficiently large crash could wipe out the whole stock exchange, resulting in severe damage to the American financial system if not a global meltdown.

Must every woman be sexy and young and horny and wily and well-dressed and smart? We see a roomful of villains not packing heat because they were too gullible!


I have come to realize that I like three things in my books: Must the bad guys be smarmy and zealous and dark-hearted? The intent is to wreak havoc on a western world which has become increasingly dependent on internet connected technology. Striking out on his own as a consultant, he’s called in to fix a computer system for a company.

For what I’ve read so far I really like your technical detail of the way the security experts and hackers think and act.

A well researched and highly developed book, Zero Day is a must read for everyone who is dependent on the internet in russinovifh form. There are clandestine meetings in Paris, a corrupt government official who allies himself with extremists in order to line his pockets hmma brilliant Russian hacker, etc.

I for example cannot take seriously a cybersecurity expert that doesn’t mention Linux in the book not even once. But who is behind this malware? It’s not a very good mix, but I suppose it works as a crude cautionary tale and the russinovcih is probably no worse than any number of thrillers people will be reading on the beach this summer.

To be fair they’re fairly interchangeable anyway so maybe I shouldn’t hold that against him too much. Perhaps the worst quote is one pagewhich reads, “In this time of exhibitionist tattoos and body piercing, with the supposed equality of the sexes, it seemed to Jeff that many women were just mimicking drunken sailors on shore leave in their expressions of independence. Or was it one of the times that the reader spelled out “l33t-speak” phrases, making them completely impossible to understand?

The problem is she seemed more like an office assistant with not a lot of savvy. This is an entertaining book written by a security technical expert, it seems an odd mix but does seem to work quite nicely though it does stumble in it’s narrative occasionally. I can only hope that Zero Day makes it to movie form and the director cares about my opinion!

Zero Day involves a very realistic portrayal of cyber-terrorism.

Zero Day is Here! – Mark’s Blog

They are all amazing! After finishing the “Hi, I’m Osama bin Laden! His ‘intimate’ scenes were a little unintentionally funny as well Then there are the “She is no danger. Don’t get me started on the Russians.


Character development is good, I really did like alot of the people. March 15, at 1: Log in to Reply. Thanks for telling us about the problem. With the exception of a small number of unintended “misfirings”, the malware, which is cloaked using complex root kit technology, is scheduled to activate en masse, on September 11, Share your thoughts with other customers.

Arab terrorists, with the collusion of Osama bin Laden, are behind the attack, which is supposed to destroy Western civilization.

Russinovich is a respected expert in the field of windows operating system internals, but he clearly has no real idea about real malware, exploitation and the mqrk. Coordinating sex for busy couples should be an app. This entry was posted in Book Review and tagged Book Review. Mar 14, Tony rated it it was ok Shelves: It felt somewhat disrespectful. Almost our entire lives are so out ruasinovich, so open to any kind of attack.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Russinovich does just that very well I might add. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I’ve told my instructors that this book needs to be required reading because it not only shows you the magnitude rusdinovich destruction that viruses can cause but it helped me to better understand what I learned in class. In the United States nearly every government function was tied to the Internet.

It’s up to Jeff to stop moie impending disaster before all hell breaks loose. This was one of the russihovich books I’ve ever read. In our generation, there is no where you can look that is not controlled by computers in some capacity. Mark may be able to write code, but he sure as marj can’t write respectful fiction. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.